What’s Not Nearly as Bad as People Make It Out to Be? Here’s How People Responded.

People have strong opinions out there about all kinds of topics.

Politics, art, pop culture, lifestyles, etc.

And certain things get stigmatized and get a bad reputation even when they don’t really deserve it at the end of the day…it happens all the time…

So what’s not nearly as bad as people make it out to be?

Here’s how folks responded on AskReddit.

1. Own it.

“Owning your mistakes.

Not even the big ones, the smaller ones.

‘Yeah, that’s my f*ck-up. I’m sorry. I’ll learn from it.’ Move on.””

2. Flying solo.

“Solo traveling – *do so with proper prior planning and understand the risks.

When I was single I loved solo traveling.

You get to meet new people and how you spend your day is 100% up to you.”

3. Very true.

“Writing a will.

People are weird about thinking about their death or having conversations about what they should do. Have the conversation.

I assure you, we all die, and dying intestate or without a personal directive makes it way more difficult for your family”

4. I love it!

“Spending time alone with yourself.

You don’t always have to be around people, in fact it’s bad not to spend time alone.”

5. Communication is key.

“Being in a long committed relationship.

People always make it sound so black and white, a little communication can take you far.”

6. Interesting…

“Jury duty.

It was actually quite interesting to get an inside look at being on a jury.”

7. Amen!

“Being single.

I wish more people would get used to being single. I’ve seen so many friends just run from horrible person to horrible person because they’re afraid to be alone.

Granted I’m going on 12 years single so I’m not sure I even have the ability or want the ability to share my home with another person. I love my friends and family and spending time with them but alone at home with my dog is my zen.”

8. Not so bad.

“Root canals.

They’re not fun, but if go to someone who knows what they’re doing, there’s no real pain. The fear leading up to it was much worse than anything that actually happened.”

9. Barely even feel it.

“Getting a vaccine.

People overthink/overreact the needle pain which is never as bad as the sting.”

10. Get it over with.

“Having a Colonoscopy.

You sh*t for a couple hours and then you go into the office and go to sleep for a bit.

It’s not a big deal and the side effects of avoiding one are way worse.”

11. Most people should do it.


There is still wide stigma around it even though it’s more than common these days in western countries especially.

You don’t have to have a mental health issue or be weird to go to therapy. Sometimes it’s good to have someone to talk to even if it is for once or twice.”

12. I’m still not buying it.


They take care/get rid of the actual pests that can do harm to you and your home.

Just let them be if you see one or carry them outside on a piece of paper if they bother you.”

13. Nothing but a number.

“Turning 30.

For years it was made out to be some grim line in the sand, where all who cross it are forsaken… banished forever from the utopia of your 20s.

When I got to 30, I was pleasantly surprised to be looking ahead at some years that looked pretty promising. With many less enjoyable aspects of my teens+twenties in the rear view mirror.

I know who I am and who I am not. I know what I like, what I don’t, and how to try new things.

I am confident and happy in myself and those around me.

I’ve got enough experience to pack a few good anecdotes into an evening, but also enough experience to know the value of asking questions and listening.

I’m not notably wealthy, but have enough disposable income to be comfortable and entertained, with enough left over to save or cover the odd unexpected expense.

I don’t have to pretend I enjoy going out clubbing.

I know I’m not invincible or perfect. I’ve identified flaws and taken steps to address some of them.

While I can’t say if this is the same for everyone, most people I have spoken to about turning 30 have all shared sentiments along the same line.”

14. It feels good!

“Being nice to other people.

I had an epiphany when I was younger about how effortless it is to make someone’s day. Not to suggest that I was a monster beforehand, but I made more of an effort to do make other people’s lives easier.

If you like something someone’s wearing, compliment them. If you see someone struggling with something, offer your assistance. It’s like the easiest thing in the world. And the best part? It makes you feel good!”

15. Just do it.

“A prostate test.

Yes, the doctor will stick a finger up your b*tt to check your prostate.

The doctor is wearing a rubber glove and will put some l*be on his finger.

The whole procedure takes less than 1 minute.

There is NOTHING s*xual about it – it’s a common medical procedure. No, you are not gay if you let the doctor do this. No, the doctor is not trying to make you gay. No, the doctor is not enjoying himself or trying to degrade you. He’s just checking if you have cancer that could kill you if it goes undetected for too long.

The whole “I’m never letting a doctor touch me there!” attitude is mind-blowing. People make it sound like it is the most degrading and painful experience they’ve ever had. It’s NOTHING. Seriously, chill out, people!”

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