People Discuss What Makes Them Happy in Life

Life is very tricky.

What makes one person happy makes another person totally miserable. Some people want money. Some people want material possessions. And some folks just want a very simple life with not many obligations where they are free to do as they please.

And different perspectives is what makes the world go ’round!

So let’s broaden our horizons a bit, shall we?

AskReddit users talked about what makes them happy. Let’s take a look.

1. The good stuff.

“Having conversations with strangers at bus stops.

And making customers laugh.”

2. Sounds great!

“The cat café I volunteer at.

The cat café is the highlight of my life.”

3. Both very good.

“Swimming in an ocean and walking through crunchy leaves in the fall.

There will never be a happier me than when I’m doing those two things.

The ocean is currently a 5 hour drive from me, but it’s the closest I’ve ever been.”

4. Keep going.

“Amid all the problems I’m going through right now with addiction and depression; teaching.

I teach games development at a university, and honestly, the only time I’m happy lately is when I’m in the labs teaching and seeing the students get excited about their projects as I take them through how to make them work.

I’m an early stage recovering alcoholic, and a lot of the time lately, with lockdown and everything, it’s a constant struggle to stay off the bottle. But when I’m running a class, it completely leaves my mind.

I’ve done every job under the sun at this point, but this is the first where I’ve felt like I’m truly where I belong and at peace.

I’m about to go into year 4 of the job, and I can’t wait.”

5. Very important.

“Spending time with the people I love.

The older i get the more important this becomes. No one prepares you for when you turn 30 your family around you starts to get older and sometimes sick.

I guess I wouldnt have wanted to know if i could bu tit hurts to watch the people of your old life start to fade away.”

6. Forever and ever.

“I find that I am happiest when I’m cuddled up with my husband, discussing nothing in particular.

I could give the whole world up to have that feeling forever.”

7. Let the wind blow.

“When the wind blows petals off of flowering trees and it swirls around you and smells nice.

Bonus points if some petals get in my hair.”

8. That’s all you need.

“Watching my little sister play around with her toys and just having fun.

The smile on her face has got me through some tough times.”

9. It’s been a while.

“A good meaningful face-to-face conversation.

Face masking and social isolation has really taken its toll lately.”

10. Globetrotting.

“Travel, specifically solo travel.

I’ve been all over the world by myself and the best memories are the unplanned ones. I make friends super easily and I’m that typical loud,
huggy Texan so people are generally warm to me.”

I’ve been invited to eat dinner at peoples homes, share a pint at a bar, and hike cliffs with someone that doesn’t share the same language. Travel tears down the walls of ignorance and builds the love of others.”

11. Hugs for days.

“Being hugged by your best friend.

Best feeling on earth.”

12. Kids.

“My kiddos’ face that lights up in the mornings when they see me.

My toddler’s giggle when he thinks he snuck some popsicles out of the freezer.

The popsicles are actually frozen orange slices with kebab skewers.”

13. Football fan.

“The Buffalo Bills making the playoffs for the first time in 17 years in 2017 on a 4th down play on the last play of the game with the last game of the season for another team.

I wish everybody could experience that feeling at least once in their life.”

14. A little piece.

“Being in my grandfathers little town with all my childhood friends and the rest of its people.

I go every time i can, and for as long as i can stay, everything i do is focused on going there, thats my little piece of happiness.”

What makes you happy?

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