People Discuss What Really Annoys Them About the Pandemic

No doubt about it, this current health crisis is a nightmare.

And while it may seem petty to complain about it if you’re still breathing, it has affected everyone differently and what one person finds annoying might seem like a walk in the park to someone else.

And that’s why we’re about to get a bunch of different perspectives about this.

AskReddit users sounded off about what they find most annoying about the pandemic.

1. Miss those days…

“This is admittedly somewhat selfish but I miss being able to go to the store at 3 a.m. when nobody else is around, basically.”

2. No escape from it.

“I am just tired of talking about it and it somehow creeping in to every single conversation.

I work in a large hospital in a large city, and I have to deal with it at work every day.

I don’t want to have to constantly discuss it when I’m not on the clock, too.”

3. No respect.

“It might just be me, but the lack of respect people display now.

I work in a warehouse that isn’t open the the public. Never has or will be.

We’re not a storefront, we have no signs beyond basic markers for delivery drivers. Orders have always been done either via email or a phone call.

And yet people will just walk in and order stuff now and expect it to be done then and there.”

4. Bad attitude.

“It’s brought out the absolute worst in most people.

Some people have risen above, but most have not, and people you’d have never thought in a million years could be so crass, rude, nasty, and downright mean are all coming out of the woodwork.

I have definitely noticed a significant change in people’s attitude, and I don’t like it at all.”

5. I can’t hear you!

“As a soft spoken person, it’s very annoying that it is even harder to hear me with my mask on.

I will continue to wear one as long as necessary, but I look forward to the day when people can read my lips and facial ques to help cover the gap for my soft voice.”

6. Not everyone…

“How “everyone” keeps saying “everyone” is “out of work”/”self isolating”/”working from home”/”getting hazard pay” etc…..

I’ve been working every weekday. Going business to business. Delivering product. Getting signatures. Having to deal with all kinds of random people. Employees, customers of my customer.

And no one gave a sh*t about the delivery person…”

7. Terrible.

“The blatant politicization of science, the amount of small businesses that will be shuttered forever because of it, the idiocy it’s brought out in people.”

8. Taking advantage of it?

“The higher frequency of hearing phrases like “these uncertain times.”

Lately, I’m being annoyed by corporate branding on masks and other examples of people taking advantage of the pandemic to advertise or profit.”

9. Isolation.

“The isolation. I didn’t know for the past two weeks that one of my best friend”s dad died. Without the pandemic I would have known and would have been there for him.

Not just that, but the isolation drove my uncle’s depression into overdrive resulting in his suicide. He leaves behind 5 grandchildren, another on the way, two wonderful kids and their spouses, his disabled wife, his retirement house by the beach, his remaining siblings and in laws, and various nieces and nephews.

Now his wife, who is physically limited due to MS and almost incapable of speaking, has to sell their dream home and live her sunset years without her person to guide her.

I’ve been crying fairly regularly since it happened. He’ll never get to meet the new born daughter. Last night I read her a book before bed and when we finished I saw a hand written note he wrote on it. It’s all that I have left of him now.”

10. That’s bad.

“That I’m paying $30k to attend Zoom university school of nursing.”

11. Essential.

“That essential workers didn’t get an extra $600 as well, an extra stimulus or government enforced extra pay.

I feel bad for all those who lost their jobs and should be grateful for job security but I did the math and would’ve been making double on unemployment than I was working.

I just think we deserved something too.”

12. I just don’t get it.

“Idiots acting like wearing a mask is literally the most painful thing to ever happen to them.”

13. Be nice to workers.

“Retail was already draining.

Now I have to sanitize everything multiple times a day while customers wait because we’re short staffed and my managers can’t come bail me out because they’re busy trying to chase the d*ck who keeps removing his mask out of the store.

And no we don’t have that product, I know last week I told you hopefully this week but there are shipping delays and I don’t control when it’ll get here. Please put your mask back over your nose. No I can’t break your large bills I only have two quarters in my till.

Yes the hours listed on Google are accurate. I’m sorry we’re not accepting returns on [item] because we can’t sanitize it. Yes I know waiting outside when it’s hot is unpleasant.

It’s just so much. Please be nice to retail workers.”

14. Out of stock.

“I manage a convenience store. Seems like a third of things I try to order are on back order.

And nobody believes it. So they start b*tching up a storm while their saliva spatters on the improvised plexiglass shield that is all the owner will pay for, because they “have asthma and can’t wear a mask” while I stand there in a mask for the sixth hour straight while my chronic bronchitis is giving me hell.

The past couple of weeks, I’ve just kept the second register open (one person per shift, but we have two registers), and I let them rant but keep serving other customers. Some of them get absolutely livid that they can’t hold everyone up while they have their say and storm out swearing they won’t be back.

By my count, I’ve only actually lost two regular customers so far doing this, so I guess they found somewhere else to buy their 99-cent 3-pack of blunts. Boo-hoo.”

How about you?

What do you find most annoying about the pandemic?

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