People Discuss What Strange Features They’d Include in Their Dream Houses

Call me young at heart, but I still daydream about the things that I’d do if I had unlimited funds to build my dream house.

Bowling alley? Check.

Amazing pool with waterfalls and slides? Yes.

Ice skating rink for pick-up hockey games? You know it!

Ahhhh, it’s fun to dream, right?

AskReddit users talked about the strange features and rooms they’d have in their dream houses if they had all that cold, hard cash. Let’s see what they came up with.

1. S0unds nice.

“An indoor swimming pool in the underground floor with a synced screen on all four sides and normal + underwater sound system.

I love swimming. I love watching movies and series.”

2. Stargazing.

“I’d definitely install an observatory on top of a spire.

My house would be located far away, in a dark sky region.

Have all of the lights in the house be smart lights, so I can turn them all off with a single click.”

3. That’ll work!

“A sensory deprivation room, with built in float tank, steam shower, cool rain shower… yeahhh.

The best naps I’ve ever had were in a float tank. Being able to do that at home would be amazing.”

4. I’m feeling this one.

“A moat. No one has a moat anymore.

Do you not want to talk to people? Pull up the draw bridge!!!!

And in the winter you have your own personal skating rink!!”

5. Tropical oasis.

“I really want one of those natural bathrooms, that looks like you just walked into a jungle, everything is stone and steam and plants and sounds of a water fall.

Or one of those open stair cases where the back wall is completely glass and there’s a leafy garden under the stairs.

Basically just a tropical oasis for plants.”

6. Only for me.

“Absolutely a secret beautiful bathroom just for me.

I don’t know what it is but I just really value bathroom time and the luxury of getting washed and relaxing and getting ready in a big beautiful marble bathroom.

But nobody else can use it. Like the secret bathroom in B99.”

7. Lazy rivers are amazing.

“An indoor swimming pool – with a lazy river.

I LOVE swimming but I hate public pools.

I have a recurring dream where I have a house with a lazy river in it. I love those dreams.”

8. Let’s get comfortable.

“Definitely one of those huge showers with the water coming from all directions and a bench for a steamroom situation.

Add some good speakers in there for blasting tunes. And then a jacuzzi tub for comfortable baths.

And to top it off, a state of the art Japanese toilet with all the bells and whistles.”

9. Can I get a little space?

“I’m 6’4″ so a custom part of a kitchen counter that can be raised and lowered so I can cut things without feeling like I’m turning into the Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

10. LEGO fanatic.

“I would like a LEGO room with display shelves all along the sides for previously assembled projects and a giant table in the middle with enough space to assemble the biggest sets, lots of little cup-holder type spots to hold the legos as I sort them.

Always wanted that growing up…still want that now.”

11. Going back in time.

“A replica of a Blockbuster. Maybe a pizza oven in the back wall. And the largest assortment of VHS tapes.

I’d call it Mockbuster and give family and friends rental cards so they could check out movies and games.”

12. Can I come over?!?!

“I want an outdoor area dedicated to taco night.

It’s gonna have a meat smoker, and a tequila bar, and pepper plants, and a huge grill and an awesome speaker system and it will be fiesta themed and amazing!”

13. Movie night.

“I want a massive theater room with all of the concessions. Popcorn, nachos, candies, if it’s at a movie theater or ball game for food, I want it.

Bonus points if each seat is one of those crazy massager chairs.”

14. Nerd alert!

“A hidden door that leads to the ultimate nerd room.

Gotta have a place to showcase merch and play D&D with the boys.”

15. Taking care of the animals.

“Special rooms and spaces for all the pets.

A cat room that has a sliding door opening into a well fenced-off outside area (and a cat door too).

A bunny room with lots of tunnels , digging boxes, and, actually, also a specialised outside area.

A super big tank for the gold fish. And one for the axolotl, too.

An aviary. Dont have birds right now, but I’d look for some older parrots who need a home.

Okay, now we want to hear from you!

What weird stuff would you put in your dream house?

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