15 People Discuss What They Think Is Totally Worth the Money

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I’ve bought some things over the years that were wonderful purchases and have lasted years and years.

For example, I’ve had the same pair of flip flops since 2004 and I’ve had some t-shirts that I bought all the way back in the late 1990s.

I guess quality is quality…right?

And then there are some other things I’ve spent a pretty penny on that turned out to be pretty worthless. So sometimes it’s a roll of the dice.

AskReddit users offered up their opinions about things that are totally worth the money.

1. Nice and sharp.

“A good sharp chef knife.

Disclaimer: Learn the proper, safe technique of chopping stuff before buying a super sharp knife.

I didn’t and got excited by how fast I could chop.”

2. A good bed is crucial.

“Bought a house with my girl, we celebrated by going to buy a brand new bed. Got a memory foam mattress, with a memory foam like, mini mattress thing to go on top.

It’s insane. I’ve apparently never had a good mattress before.

At least once a week she will just look at it and then look at me and tell me that mattress is the best thing ever.”

3. Pass ’em down.

“Cast iron pans.

Just treat them right and your grandkids will be using them!”

4. A good investment.

“High quality shoes!

Instead of getting worse with wear, they get better.

Fully worth the investment and it might even save you money in the long run.”

5. Time to cycle.

“A bike.

That’s does mean you need some crazy expensive carbon fiber bike or something like that. Find the price range you are looking for and get the best version of that (not from one of the big box stores, but a real bike shop).

It will be a little more, but while the cheaper one might have the same “name brand” breaks, gears and shifters, they are NOT the same quality.

I find this to be very true with kids also. Get the cheap bike and they ride it, but if you upgrade a bit to a good quality one then they are always asking to go on longer bike rides.”

6. Batteries.

“Rechargeable batteries for everything.

I’ve got a bunch of rechargeable AA’s and haven’t had to buy batteries in 2 years.”

7. Smart.

“A good doctor, lawyer, real estate agent, accountant, etc.

Basically anyone who not only helps you save money, but someone who can help you MAKE money.

I see a lot of people making the mistake of thinking that cheaper is better because they get it in their head that they are saving money. Working with or having people that work for you that add value and can help you MAKE money is so much more valuable.”

8. Those pearly whites.

“Cosmetic dental work.

I know it’s expensive. My jagged front teeth were technically ok, but I hated my smile.

Paid on installments and the veneers have been my favorite purchase ever.”

9. Get comfortable.

“Good sheets.

No point spending big on a nice mattress unless you cover that bad boy in high thread count cotton.”

10. I agree with this!

“Hiring movers.

You can slave away all day bickering with family and friends and probably hurting yourself.

Or you can just spend a couple hundred bucks and hire the damn movers and have everything done in two hours with no blood, sweat or tears of your own.

Trust me, you will not regret it. I suffered through several moves because people told me movers were super expensive and would break all your stuff.

Not true. Their prices are super reasonable and I’ve used them like 6 times and never had anything broken or lost.”

11. Dressed to kill.

“I paid for a nice tailored suit.

I absolutely kill in it.

Every time I wear it, I get a phone number.”

12. Good memories.


You are not putting money in the bank, but you sure are putting it in the soul.”

13. I can see!


Absolutely. It’s been 6 months for me and it’s been amazing.”

14. Oh yeah!

“An air fryer. Life changing.

Not going to lie, I was pretty dead set against having something else on the counter, but my wife bought one anyway (to be fair, she makes most of the money so she can buy what she wants).

That thing gets used 3/4 times a week, and for a bunch of different stuff. Love it.”

15. Totally worth it.

“Spotify Premium is a steal!”

What do you think is totally worth the money?

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