People Share Their Thoughts About Things That Are Definitely Worth the Money

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What do you think is the best purchase you’ve ever made you in your life? When I say that, I’m talking about the value and longevity of that item.

Was it a pair of boots? Some gadgets for your kitchen? It could really be anything.

That’s why articles like this are helpful. They allow us to get useful information and opinions from people about things we might usually not have any knowledge of.

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. They last forever!

“My ten inch cast iron skillet and my Dutch oven came to Oregon in a covered wagon.

There was a lot more but it was left in Kansas to reduce weight.”

2. Go explore.


We’ve been mildly derided by family, and some friends, for years, for our annual vacations.

But we’ve had some awesome adventures, and our kids always remind us how much they appreciated it, and have grown into quite the travelers themselves.

Totally worth it.”

3. Don’t do it yourself.

“Hiring a mover.

A reputable one is Worth. Every. Penny.

No stress of dealing with friends who dont show up or friends who damage your things. Just an amazing relaxing experience.”

4. Let’s start cleaning.


Spend $300-$600 and have a vacuum that will last 20-25 years.

One exception to this, don’t buy a Dyson. (Former vacuum tech).”

5. They sure are popular right now.

“A bidet. Hands down.

I bought my first one back in December. Guess who didn’t rush to the store to hoard toilet paper?

Also, I hated when I thought I was done, but then a little more would creep out, so you have to start all over.

That’s a non-issue with a bidet.”

6. Best friends.

“Definitely a dog or any pet.

It’s worth any amount of money for the companionship.”

7. Fun!

“I bought my kids a trampoline.

Worth every penny.

They are outside every day, getting exercise and playing together.”

8. Definitely!

“A good mattress, you spend a third of your life on that bad boy.

Don’t go cheap on mattresses, your back will thank you.”

9. Get the good stuff.

“An expensive drill.

Actually, all tools.

Buy cheap, buy twice with tools.”

10. A good investment.


You can even be the hero with AAA.

I was out with some friends, and the driver locked his keys in the car some how. I just said, “hang on, I’ll just call AAA. They will open the car door for ‘free'”.”

11. Get the good ones.

“Good prescription glasses.

Splurge on all the add ones. Scratch protection, anti-glare, and blue light protection. Spring for metal frames versus plastic because metal can be bent back into shape.”

12. That’s smart.

“OBD2 sensor for your car.

The best $30 I’ve ever spent. Check engine light comes on, plug it in and it gives you a code telling you what’s wrong.”

13. Protect your ears.

“Custom molded earplugs are awesome for someone who goes to concerts or plays live music.

They are comfortable enough to wear for hours and provide sound protection that doesn’t muffle the sound of music.”

14. It’s good for you.

“Better food.

Most of the time excluding certain trendy health foods etc. Paying a little extra for ingredients when cooking goes a long way. To illustrate my point. Go to the grocery store and buy six items to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

Cheap bread, some cheap spreadable margarine stuff in a tub, and kraft singles for the first one. Then get some brioche, some real butter, and some American cheese from the deli for the second one and report back here with your findings.

It’s really only a few extra bucks difference but so much better.”

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