People Discuss Where They’d Go if They Could Teleport Themselves Only Once

Are you ready to get weird, ladies and gents?!?!

Admit it, you’ve probably thought about teleporting before…but where do you go?

And, if you can only do it once, you better make it worth it, if you know what I’m saying.

Let’s get freaky-deaky with some folks on AskReddit who talked about where they’d teleport to if they could only do it once.

1. Sound kinda nice.

“I’d wait until I get mixed into some horror movie bullsh*t and then at the most climactic part of it I would just teleport to the Bahamas or something.”

2. What are you doing here?

“Mars, just to really confuse future astronauts.”

3. Not a bad idea.

“The closest planet that can support human life, but already has peaceful inhabitants.

And it would welcome an alien invader and not treat them the same way our planet would.”

4. An experiment.

“I would let scientists study me. Teleport anywhere they want, but have a massive amount of equipment recording everything humanly possibly on both ends of the jump.

I’d want humanity to have a chance at reproducing it.

This could be the most monumental boost to science in our lifetime.”

5. This is a good answer.

“To the road next to mine.

I just missed the ice cream man but I can hear his jingle there but I’m too drunk to drive and too unfit to run.”

6. Wow. Sad.

“I’d go back to when I was 6.

Keep my dad from leaving the house that day with whatever means I had.

He was hit by a train that day. I miss him.”

7. Getting back would be a problem.

“Probably 48°52.6′S 123°23.6′W. It is, as far as I know, the most remote point in any of our oceans (as far as distance from nearest land goes).

I’d want to just tread water for a bit, as far from land as I could ever possibly be. As small and insignificant as I could possibly be.

The only catch is that the post said I can only teleport once, so getting back would be a problem. I’d have to save this for a deathbed teleportation.

There’s something peaceful about the idea of just sinking into the black and becoming a precious resource for an environment that would otherwise be alien to me as a human.”

8. Love from abroad.

“To visit my girlfriend I haven’t seen since she left to study abroad last December that lives across the country from me.

She has high risk family so I can’t fly to see her either.”

9. Going to warn them.

“To another planet that is inhabited by other friendly beings.

I’d tell them, “Stay away from Earth. It is a total sh*tshow and you won’t like it. Seriously, too many problems and really no desire to fix them.”

10. The perfect crime.

“I would plan a bank heist, grab as much money as possible and teleport to another country.”

11. Find the answers.

“Area 51, for sure!

I’m dead curious to know what’s inside.”

12. Petra.

“I’ve wanted to see Petra in Jordan ever since I saw a picture of it in a 4th grade textbook, but I get really bad motion sickness in cars.

You can’t just fly/train into Petra, though. You’ve got to be driven there, and the drive does not look like a straight and easy highway.

I’d get there the regular way and then teleport home so that I could enjoy my time there knowing I wouldn’t have to experience the sickness a second time.”

13. We want the truth!

“Inside Disney’s vault.

I wanna know if those rumors of Walt Disney’s head being frozen are true.”

14. Good reasons.


I’m learning the language and I also really like a girl there.”

15. Take me home.

“Back home.

I moved from UK to USA 2 years ago and due to immigration restrictions, financial limitations and then covid (in that order).

I haven’t been able to go back home and see my family. So I would go see them.”

16. We found something…

“To Mars, to the highest point of Mt.Olympus.

When they finally do find my corpse, it is going to be the surprise of the millennia.”

How about you?

Where would you teleport to if you could only do it once?

Let us know what you think in the comments!