People Get Real About Having Affairs

Unless you’ve actually been involved in an affair, you really have no idea what it’s like…

And every relationship is different so only the two people involved REALLY know what’s going on…

Let’s take a look at some stories about affairs from people who have been there to try to gain some insight.

1. He was trash.

“My dad dropped me off at my senior prom and started chatting to one of the teachers at the door.

They seemed to really hit it off. Later on, he texted me to say he might be late picking me up, but I didn’t check my messages and walked up to my dad’s car as we had originally agreed

“He and the teacher were in there together. She was promptly fired. My mom divorced him, and we both haven’t looked back since. He was trash.”

2. Dating profiles.

“Our family had a shared computer.

My dad wasn’t great about remembering to clear the computer history or logging out of things. My sister and I found multiple online dating profiles where he said he was either divorced or widowed.

He was also never as subtle as he thought he was when he’d sneak out to meet someone.”

3. Not out fishing.

“My dad went ‘salmon fishing with a buddy’ but didn’t take his salmon gear. I hacked into his email and found several emails exchanged with a woman (including nude photos of them both) who turned out to be his high school sweetheart.

When he returned from his ‘fishing trip,’ I found a photo of them in his truck. I told my mum, but she already knew. They divorced soon after, and one month after it was finalized, my dad married the other woman and had a MASSIVE wedding that I was not invited to and was only told about six months later on a family ski trip.

I was 12 years old and have deep-seeded trust issues that I don’t know I’ll ever get past.”

4. Taking a break.

“My parents were ‘taking a break’ when my mom got sick and had to be rushed to the hospital.

I called my dad and he came to pick me up and took me to his flat. There was a woman there who told me that she’d been dating my dad for three years. He’d only been separated from my mum for a few months.”

5. Wow.

“My ex found out his mom was cheating on his dad when his mom was at work and accidentally texted my ex instead of her lover, saying, ‘I’m in the bathroom waiting for you, my love.’

His dad was at work that day, and mind you, he worked over 50 miles away from her, so that text was indeed not meant for him.”

6. Why do you need two?

“My sister tagged along on errands with my dad one day when we were about 10.

They had stopped at a jewelry counter to look at a present for our mom when she overheard our dad asking the salesperson if they had two of a particular item.

The store only had one, so they left without buying anything.”

7. Never been the same.

“My mom was logged in to Facebook on my computer. One day I was doing homework, and a dirty message popped up on my computer. I clicked on it and found nudes from my mom and this other guy. He was using a fake Facebook profile.

My sister and I went into investigation mode and found out he worked with her. We brought it up to her, and she told us that if we told my dad, we would be breaking up the family.

The guilt ki**ed her after a couple of days, and she ended up telling him. My parents haven’t been the same since, especially my dad.”

8. Insane.

“This one time, my dad, my mom, my younger brother, and I went on a family vacation to Boston.

While there, we stopped at a truck stop midway, and my dad told us to wait while he went in to get some snacks for us. About half an hour later, we got antsy and followed him inside.

When we couldn’t find him anywhere, I described him to the cashier and he was like, ‘Oh yeah. He’s out in his truck.’ I was so confused. We went to where the trucks were parked, and my dad had asked one of his colleagues to park the truck they shared at the truck stop for a few hours, and we saw him f**king a s** worker in the truck.

I was so angry, I knocked on the window and started yelling, and he didn’t even stop; they just kept on going.”

9. It gets better.

“When I was 20, I got a Facebook message from someone claiming to be my half brother. It turned out he was.

My father had a three-year-long affair when I was a toddler, the woman got pregnant, and he had been paying child support since. My mother knew as well. They just never told me.

It gets better. It turns out my dad had ANOTHER affair with ANOTHER woman (there were several) and SHE GOT PREGNANT. So there were, in fact, TWO secret brothers I found out about when I was 20. Go figure.”

10. Threesome, anyone?

“We met at work and started having threesomes with my wife.

One thing led to another, and we started hooking up without her.

Thankfully, my wife forgave me and we were able to reconcile.”

11. Let’s skip lunch.

“I was really into erotic stories online. I wrote a few and would chat on the discussion boards. There was an older woman I chatted with, and she worked near my apartment. I was in my early 20s and she was in her late 30s.

We arranged to meet during her lunch break, and I went to pick her up and she was like, ‘Let’s skip lunch and go back to yours.’

We did this a few times a week for a few months. I found out early on that she was married but not really happily married. She eventually stopped calling and messaging for lunch dates.”

12. If you say so…

“My husband spent a few years trying to talk me into cuckolding, and I told him that I’m not that kind of person and I wanted love and to feel like I was enough for someone.

He wouldn’t stop asking, it’s all he talked about, and it ruined our s** life completely. He developed erectile dysfunction and kept suggesting I find someone else to have s** with.

Eventually I did start seeing other people, and the rule was, ‘Never have any feelings for other people,’ but that’s basically the ONLY rule put forward. Anyway, two times, I fell for someone who told me that I was all they wanted and I was enough for them.

My husband noticed when I started having feelings (or I confessed), and he demanded that I stop, but I didn’t. Both of those men were lying completely and seeing other women while telling me that. I initiated a divorce.”

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