People Get Real About What Offends Other Folks but Not Them

Hey, it ain’t no sweat off my back

That’s a pretty good attitude to have about most things in life…but we all know that’s easier said than done.

So what offends other people but not you?

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Don’t mind at all.

“I adopted 4 kids.

People ask me tons of questions including questions that people consider insensitive, like: are they related? Where are their real parents? One person even asked if it was me or my wife that was infertile.

I don’t mind these questions at all and enjoy helping people understand adoption better.”

2. I’m flattered!

“Getting hit on by a gay man (I am a straight man).

Idk why that bothers so many straight men.

Like sorry man, you’re gonna be disappointed when you find out I’m not gay, but I’m still super flattered that you think I’m attractive.”

3. Good one!

“I’m a woman and don’t care at all about telling people my age.

I’d actually feel uncomfortable hiding it. I mean, why should I be ashamed.

There is nothing wrong with being old, in fact, you should get a medal for every year you stayed alive. It takes work!”

4. Important.

“Honest feedback on what we are doing wrong that could help us to improve and be better.”

5. Cool with it.

“I’ve always found the concept of swearing to be completely arbitrary.

At some point, society decided that certain words can’t be said.

BUT…if you say other words with the very same meaning and intent, go for it.”

6. The truth is…

“Being asked if I’m pregnant.

No, I’m just fat.”

7. Won’t bother me.

“Not making eye contact.

I don’t care if someone is too anxious to have good eye contact, I can hear them just fine.”

8. Who cares?

“Wearing a hat indoors.

I teach high school. Our principal is irate at the mention of wearing a hat indoors. My grandparents agree with him.

But I literally can’t care. You could pay me a thousand dollars to care and I couldn’t muster it.

Why does anyone give a s**t? It’s fabric on their head.”

9. LOL.

“Friendly rudeness.

I’m so much more polite to people I don’t like and am extremely “friendly rude” to all the people I’m closest to.”

10. It’s all good.

“White people wearing braids or cornrows (I’m black).

Do whatever you want with your hair.”

11. Why bother getting mad about it?

“”Happy Holidays”

Also, I don’t mind it when strangers refer to me as “Hun”, “Dear”, “Sweetheart” etc.”

12. Peace and quiet.

“I have friends and relatives that need constant stimulation. They call all the time just to talk. Nothing to talk about, just randomly talking to pass the time.

When I’m like “I’ll talk to you later, I’m just gonna chill and have some alone time” here comes the questions. Are you mad at me? Is everything ok? What’s going on, is there something you want to talk about?

Some people just cannot fathom the pure peace in just being left alone.”

13. Boom! Roasted!

“As the one adopted child among three brothers, my 2 older brothers would constantly joke with me about being adopted, as brothers do.

My favorite response was always “mom and dad chose me, They had to have you”

It rarely ended well, but worth it.”

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