People Give Fighting Tips to Those Who’ve Never Been in a Fight Before

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The older you get, the more you realize that fighting is no joke.

What seemed kind of harmless when you’re younger really becomes dangerous and potentially life-altering as you keep aging.

You should always avoid a fight whenever possible, but there are some instances in life when you have to defend yourself.

And you should be prepared, just in case.

Here are some fighting tips from folks on AskReddit.

1. If you have to…

“If you absolutely can’t run, take them out by any means necessary.

No such thing as a fair fight when your health and safety are on the line.”

2. Keep moving.

“Make sure to move away from a punch.

You don’t need to dodge a punch, you just need to make sure you’re dampening the impact as much as possible.

Notice in combat sports that they never move into a strike.”

3. At least look ready.

“Be ready if you can, at least look ready, that may discourage a would-be opponent.

Talk your way out of it if you can. Let’s face it; you’re probably in a situation that will not be improved by violence.

If all that fails, Theodore Roosevelt said: “The unforgivable crime is soft hitting. Do not hit at all if it can be avoided; but never hit softly.””

4. Some tips.

“Elbows in, hands eyebrow level, chin down.

Throw mostly straight punches to the nose. “

5. Don’t drop your guard.

“Always keep your guard up!

This is one thing you see a lot of beginners do: throw a punch and then drop the guard. Don‘t expect that you can evade like some of the pros do by dropping their guard to provoke their opponent into a mistake.

This takes years of trained reaction and still fails them too.

Also, street fights can be quite scary even if you‘re trained. There are no rules, there is no ref, there is most likely no one stopping your opponent from going too far or using dirty tricks. That‘s no joke and a horrible situation to be stuck in. First rule is always: avoid the fight if possible.

If your opponent pulls a knife, distract (throw sth for example) and run! Don‘t try to disarm your opponent like in some of those idiotic YT videos – this works in those showcases, usually doesn‘t work in a real fight. A hand with a knife is a lot faster and flexible than you’d probably think. You‘ll end up heavily injured or dead.”

6. Fighting dirty.

“If in closer combat, and you aren’t mentally prepared to fight “dirty” (as in, gouging eyes, ripping ears, biting, etc.), use elbows.

Elbows, with the right velocity (swept across your body like a blade) can be absolutely devastating for close combat.

More effective if you have your other hand on the other side of their head.”

7. From an MMA fighter.

“I train MMA, here’s my advice.

Don’t get in a fight;

Always cover the temples & keep your jaw clenched shut.”

8. All in.

“Go all in.

If you’re not committed to do the most damage there’s a good chance you’ll get your ass whipped.”

9. A lot of advice.

“It’s easier to use the heel of your palm. Don’t throw a punch unless you have experience. Aim for the bridge of the nose. Maintain eye contact with the nose bridge, and don’t turn your head upward or to the side when they start throwing punches back.

Everyone turns their head because they don’t want to get hit in the face, but if you’re in a fight you don’t get the luxury. Maintain eye contact with where you want you throw your palm or punch.

Expect it to be mostly grappling. Hand-to-hand isn’t really a thing, despite what you see on tv and social media. Get ready to get on the ground, because that’s probably where you’re both going.

Don’t let them get behind you. The second anyone gets their arms around you they’re gonna try and snake their way to your back. Don’t let that happen, because their next step is probably a rear-naked choke, and those are impossible for regular people to escape. Unless you have forearms the size of tree-trunks, the fight is over once you’re in a rear-naked.

Don’t fight dirty unless you’re prepared to receive that back. For example: most guys never go for the balls, because that shit is excruciating and incapacitating. But the second you throw a knee to his balls, the “no balls” rule is off the table and your balls are fair game.

No big windups. Throw punches or palm strikes straight. Avoid hay makers and the such. And don’t hook to the face unless you know you have an opening. Be okay with the idea of not throwing any hooks, because there probably won’t be a chance.

Severely underrated moves include: fast gut punches and consecutive hard kicks to the legs (right above the knee). Most street fights won’t have these moves because amateurs mostly only go for face hits and rear-naked chokes, but professionals will tell you they are essential moves that are just as important.

Get out as soon as possible. The second it’s safe, turn heel and bolt. Why? Because fights aren’t worth it unless you’re getting paid. And the longer you’re there, the lower your chances are of getting out in one piece. Additionally, you’ll never lose a fight if you always end it on your own terms. I’m undefeated.

Does that means I’ve won every fight I’ve ever been in? That’s not the point. I’ve never been knocked out, I’ve never gone to jail, I’ve never had to go the hospital, and my face is still as beautiful as it’s always been. Some things are more important than pride. Prioritize.”

10. Fancy footwork.

“Footwork is important, stand so that a punch won’t knock you over.

Don’t lean into a punch. Also know what advantage you have over your opponent. If he’s bigger than you, try to move to the side or behind him, movings harder for him so make him move.

If he’s taller, get in close so his reach advantage is taken away.”

11. No chivalry.

“If you can’t avoid the fight, choose soft ground, if possible.

Fight to win. There’s no chivalry in a fight. Keep your head.”

12. Use those legs.

“People forget that they have legs a lot in fights, they also forget that there is more to do with them than just kicking people.

If you grapple someone else calve by wrapping a leg around it and twist your hips you can easily bring them down into groundwork which is always advantageous for the defender.”

13. Do what you gotta do.

“Your targets are eyes, throat, crotch, feet, in that order. Your goal isn’t to win, it’s to run away and stay alive.

Don’t fight like in the movies; scratch and bite and scream and shove them away and then run like hell.”

14. An interesting perspective.

“When shit is about to break loose, start undressing and get naked.

It is important to demonstrate the opponent that you are utterly insane and will use that during a potential murder trial.”

15. Run for it.

“I have years of experience in boxing and Muay Thai.

My best tip is: Run!

Street fights aren’t a sport where people follow the rules.

Even an experienced fighter can end up with a knife in his stomach or a brick in his neck.

Just run.”

Hopefully, most people will never have to use any of those tips in their lives…

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