People Share the Questions They Really Don’t Like to Be Asked

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Everyone has questions they don’t like to be asked by other people.

I started getting gray hair at a pretty young age and when people asked me about it out in public or at work I would just die a little bit inside.

I still don’t love it when someone asks me about it, but it doesn’t bother me so much anymore.

What is the one question that you really hate being asked?

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Talk!

“Why are you not talking?

I am an introvert and i HATE this question. Specially when they ask that in front of a whole crowd.”

2. Not a fan of this one either.

“Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I’m betting in 2015 nobody had this shit right.”

3. I’m pretty sure…

“Are you sure [my slightly unusual last name] is pronounced like that?

Yes, I’m sure.”

4. Ugh. No.

“What words would you use to describe yourself?”

5. Never ask unless you’re sure.

“When are you due?

(I’m not pregnant).”

6. I can’t think of any.

“What 3 fun facts can you tell the class about yourself?”

Getting asked this every year in school drives me crazy.”

7. So rude.

“‘Are you Chinese?’


Or how about “What are you?”

8. To each their own.

“How can you listen to that?

That’s not music.”

9. The scourge of all tall people.

“How tall are you?

Do you play basketball?”

10. No freebies.

“I trained as an opera singer and whenever I say that I immediately get asked to sing at their wedding/christening/uncle’s funeral/neighbour’s sister’s son’s bar mitzvah.

For free.

That or if I’m going to audition for Britain’s Got Talent.”

11. NEVER.

“When are you going to start having kids?”

12. Because I don’t like anyone?

“Why are you single?

I hate how people ask this question as if it’s normal to them for people to be attracted to them all the time so they can just choose whenever they feel like not being single.”

13. Only children.

“I’m an only child. I’ve had many, many people ask me what it was like being spoiled rotten as a kid and given anything I wanted.

Wait? What?

All because it was just me doesn’t mean I was just given anything I ever wanted.”

14. Don’t ask.

“What’s wrong with her?

Why do you put her in the wheelchair?

What caused that?

Did you know about this before the birth?

My child is disabled.”

15. I’d rather not.

“Can you tell me about yourself?”

I hate that question in personal conversations and in job interviews.

I hate talking about myself and it’s such a broad question that I never know what to say and always think I’m giving a bad answer.”

16. Getting old…

“Are you a natural red head?

I am a natural redhead and I get asked all the time. Don’t know how people can’t tell by my pale skin and freckles.”

17. That’s not the reason.

“I have naturally shaky hands and work at a coffee shop. So I get asked if I’ve had to much caffeine all the time.

It gets very annoying.”

18. That’s very weird.

““Do you and your twin share boyfriends?”


She’s married to a man and I’m a lesbian.”

19. Not everyone does it.

“Why don’t you drink?

Because mind your own business, that’s why. Because my answer is depressing, a real conversation-killer.

Because I don’t feel like explaining to my boss why I’m a teetotaler when I decline to drink at out-of-office social functions.”

20. Listen up…

“Wow youre left-handed?

How can you write like that?

The same way you do dipshit, just the other hand.”

21. Brilliant.

“When you lost something:

“Well, where did you lose it?””

22. Not okay.

“This will sound strange but I hate it when someone asks me if I’m okay whilst I’m clearly about to cry.

If they didn’t say anything i can pull myself together but as soon as they ask if I’m okay i cry my eyes out immediately.

Any one else do that?”

23. Bring on the anxiety.

“What do you want to do after you graduate?”

I honestly have no idea and it fills me with anxiety and if one more person ask me about it I’m gonna burst into tears.”

24. Jeez…

“Wow you have a ton of siblings! Do you all have the same dad?”

Why would you ask something so personal and rude to anyone, let alone somebody you barely know?

How would this info benefit you??”

25. Ummmm, no.

“Do you think it’s something you did?”

I am a parent to 4 autistic children.”

26. This is THE adult question.

“How’s school?”

That’s all ANY adult wants to ask me.

It’s the same as it was yesterday when you asked. It’s fucking shitty and I’m always tired.”

27. Major facepalm.

“I have gay parents.

“Wait then…. how were you born??””

28. Tell me about all of them.

“What do your tattoos mean?”

Uh well my full sleeve of flowers means I uhh like flowers…”

29. It’s a job.

“As a professional photographer, “Why do you charge so much for photos?”

It’s my livelihood .”

30. Never a good thing.

“How’s the job search going?”

Thankfully I’m employed now so I don’t get this, by my GOD this was the worst. I already had so much anxiety and self-loathing when I was unemployed after uni, and for some reason the second someone finds out you don’t have a job it’s all they want to talk about with you.

If you know someone is still unemployed then clearly it’s not going as well as they’d hoped so why even ask?! I can understand asking once and that most of the time they mean well, but to constantly bring it up every time you see them is ridiculous.”

31. Common sense isn’t common.

“What’s combat like?

Like seriously maybe have enough common sense to know that is something veterans don’t just talk about.”

32. Never anything good after this.

“Can I ask you a question?”

33. The twin curse.

“Which twin is the smart one?

As an identical twin, I just hate being compared so much.”

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