People Offer Their Opinions About the Most Cowardly Thing Someone Can Do

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Have you ever done something incredibly brave in your life?

On the flip side, have you ever done something extremely cowardly?

I guess all of us probably have some regrets about times when we should have stood up to someone or made our voices heard, but you live and you learn.

But back to the subject of being cowardly…

AskReddit users shared their thoughts about the most cowardly things that someone can do.

1. Stand up for your friends.

“When a friend is being harassed or bullied in front of you and you just stand there and say “I don’t want to get involved.”

Even though later on you agree that your friend was completely the victim in the situation.

Defend your friends please.”

2. Not cool.

“Ghosting someone.

Not having the balls to just admit that things don’t work out and vanish into thin air never to be seen again.

One of the most painful and cowardly things to do ever.”

3. Talking trash.

“Viciously talk sh*t behind someones back but never actually say any of it to the persons face/insult someone time and time again

But when they’re in your presence you act all friendly.”

4. Sound familiar?

“Let another person take the blame and punishment for something they did.

When I was about 7 y/o, someone cut the whiskers off the cat. Being the youngest, my parents blamed it on me. I pleaded my innocence, but got the strap and the rest of the day in solitary confinement (my bedroom).

My older sister’s conscience intervened and she admitted to the evil deed. She got praised for her honesty, no punishnent, and I recieved no apology.

My dysfunctional family.”

5. True.


I know that seems really specific, but plagiarizing someone else’s work means you were a) too afraid of failure to do your own work, or b) too afraid of the repercussions of not doing the work to just let it go.

Intentional plagiarism is an act of cowardice.”

6. Kids come first.

“Allowing your spouse to mistreat your children (their step children).

Your kids should always come first no matter if you’re afraid of being alone.”

7. I feel like this happens a lot.

“Being an *sshole to your significant other in an attempt to make them break up with you so you don’t have to break up with them.”

8. Drives me INSANE.

“Starting ridiculous arguments through text or online while insulting people who they refuse to confront in person.”

9. Who would do this?

“Running over someone’s pet and then driving away.

I had a whole argument with a friend about this. If I ran over someone’s pet I would check their collar and knock on their door.

Pets are family members. Just because they’re animals doesn’t mean their lives didn’t matter as much.”

10. So trashy.

“Being deliberately rude and unreasonable with people in service jobs because they know the other person can’t answer back for fear of losing their job.

Basically any situation where someone has their ego stroked at the expense of someone else being humiliated or made to feel bad.”

11. Happens all the time.


Making a person doubt every part of their own personality so you can control them.”

12. Yup.

“Not wearing a mask.”

13. This is brutal.

“Dump their pet on the street because they can’t handle the idea of being judged by people at the animal shelter.”

14. It’s very sad.

“Call something a hoax then refuse to take responsibility while being counter productive to the problem at hand.”

What do YOU think is the most cowardly thing that someone can do?

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