We Need Boomers to Answer These 14 Funny Questions

As long as it’s lighthearted, I kind of love the goodnatured ribbing between generations. As someone from GenX, of course, it doesn’t bother me because everyone always forgets we exist, so we hardly ever get dragged.

Boomers, though, have a lot to answer for – like these 14 totally legit questions that we need answers for like, yesterday.

14. Loneliness, probably.

Especially these days.

13. They have forgotten the rules, okay?

Also they don’t care anymore.

12. Definitely doesn’t compute.

Some things will never make sense.

11. There’s an easy answer to this…

They are one with their thinking.

10. Because they can’t hear, obviously.

Or they think the phone doesn’t work.

9. If only they knew the founding fathers (mostly) would have hated cash.

It’s not real money! Not that cards are…

8. Better than okay, I think.

But yeah, periods are a waste of time.

7. Why do they call it The Walmart?

I assume these things are related.

6. There’s definitely an inappropriate joke here somewhere.

Too easy.

5. I have no idea.

Also, I don’t think this is true?

4. Because they’d have to take responsibility then.

Never gonna happen.

3. No one definitely has a television like that one.

Bless their hearts.

2. We know they can’t spot fake news, either.

To be fair, that can be tough these days.

1. It is kind of universal.

If you don’t laugh you’ll cry and all of that.

These have me giggling like crazy! I mean, I like to giggle, so I’m an easy target, but still…

If you’re a Boomer, we need answers, please! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!