People Open up About the First Thing That Comes to Their Mind When They Think About Canada

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I know my answer to this! Hockey and Tim Horton’s coffee!

What else is there? I kid, I kid.

Canada is a great country with a lot to offer, including world-class cities, nice people, and beautiful landscapes.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind about non-Canadian folks on AskReddit?

Well, let’s find out!

1. Great answer!

“I live about 45 minutes from Canada in Michigan.

Hockey, poutine, and 19 year old drinking age for me.”

2. Sums it up.

“I’m Australian, this is what I think of when I think Canada: Friendliness and politeness, the Canadian flag, maple trees/leaves/syrup, mountains, cold weather, poutine, speaking French, hockey.”

3. Nice border guards.

“Back in the day (80s and stuff) we used to go across the St. Clair River/Lake St. Clair to go to Canada.

The thing that sticks out in my mind is the friendliest border guards/coast guard guys in the world. It was like “hey, so why are you traveling to Canada today?” Oh, we’re just gonna go pick some strawberries at that farm…you know the one. “Oh, cool! Well have a nice time, and don’t forget to bring some back for us!”

Once out on the lake, we got “busted” by Canadians for having open alcohol on the boat. “You guys know that’s against the law over here, right?” (My brother puts his beer out of their line of sight) “Okay, you guys have a nice day!”

And of course, living so close to Canada we got Hockey Night in Canada, SCTV, and CBC Radio.

Now take off, eh?”

4. No pennies.

“A wonderful life without effing PENNIES.”

5. All the good stuff.

“First I picture the beautiful flag. The simplicity and elegance which makes for a perfect flag.

Then I picture the map. A huge county covered in unique and interesting nature.

Then I picture the mounties. Dressed in their sophisticated red uniforms, gracefully riding their horses.

Then I picture downtown Vancouver where I saw a hobo taking a piss in his hat.”

6. Sneak past ya…

“I once saw something on Reddit, not sure if it was a post or a comment, but it was someone describing how a Canadian will reach past someone at a grocery store to grab something and they’ll pretty much always say this when they do:

“Just gonna SNEAK right past ya there.”

This may not be exactly right but it’s still what I think about everytime Canadians are mentioned in any medium.”

7. Delicious!


I went to Quebec and that’s all that they serve! Nothing better than eating Poutine at 3am after the bars!”

8. Zedd.

“Maple syrup and the Canadian flag. Honestly that’s what I just thought of. But also, I think of trees, airplanes, and Saskatchewan.

And the letter z (zee)… or according to Canadians… zedd.”

9. Great comedy.

“Phil Hartman, Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Dan Aykroyd, Will Arnett, Tommy Chong, John Candy…

So funny dudes.

Yeah, I know, I’m old.”

10. The greatest sport.

“Hockey is one of the only places where a man with his teeth bashed out will point at another man with scars and a crooked nose and say, admiringly, “that guy has such beautiful soft hands.“”

11. The man!

“I’m surprised no one has mentioned Alex Trebek.

He’s a national treasure.”

12. Makes sense.

“Trailer Park Boys.

No joke, Nova Scotia smokes more weed per capita than any other province and it makes a lotta sense once you watch that show.”

13. Canadians LOVE this band.

“The Tragically Hip.

Watched the ‘Long Time Running’ (Netflix) doco last night and highly recommend it. Ain’t nothing more Canadian than that.”

14. Heroes.

“To me probably heroism and loyalty Canada played a very major role in liberating my country from German occupation in WW2, and every year during the 5th and 6th of May we commemorate your bravery and sacrifice!

So yeah, thank you Canada!”

15. Yes!

“This is weird, but honestly Degrassi: Next Generation comes to mind.

Drake being on that show playing Jimmy cracks me up, plus Spinner is my fav character for sure. Loved that fuckin guy”

16. Lovely people.

“Extremely polite Maple Syrup. -that’s my joke.

But, really… I think back to my childhood. Growing up in shitty apartments with a trailer park nearby in South Florida. An older couple that were “Snow Birds” (people from a place with snowy winters, who come to a warm place to spend the winter and then return home in the spring). They were the most delightful people. They somehow knew my Dad. He was gone a lot for work and my Mom was brutal.

Anyway, they would arrive. They had a small trailer with an attached screened in porch. The porch had jalousie windows. The trailer was a small one bedroom affair-tiny, it was neat as a pin. When they arrived, she would open it up and begin cleaning for their three month visit.

The husband would be gone to work or the horsetrack. She would hire me to wash windows, pull weeds and clean. She paid me a few dollars here and there, literally five dollars was a king’s ransom back then. But, she would cook for me. She made lunches and baked goods. I existed on cereal and other crap at home. My Mother was a 100 pound cigarette smoker and didn’t eat, hardly at all and therefore, never cooked. S

he was older when I was born. I was an “oops” kid for sure. At home my life sucked. This lovely woman fed me and treated me with kindness and dignity that my 11 year old self had never known. I’m in my fifties now and can still see the inside of the screened in porch and the TV tray where I sat and ate for a few days and then once a week after mowing for those three months, for five years until the husband died and they never returned.

I swear, this lovely French Canadian lady is responsible for any of the good that is in my heart. I hadn’t thought of those moments in quite a while.I’m getting teary writing this. So there, that’s what Canada means to me.”

17. There you have it!

“Maple syrup and M O O S E.”

O Canada! We love you!

Now we want to hear from all of you!

If you’re NOT from the great country of Canada, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about that country?

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