People Open up About Things Folks Are Ashamed Of, but Really Shouldn’t Be

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Depending on how you grew up, for some folks, a lot of life is about shame and being embarrassed about things.

I was raised Catholic in a pretty strict environment, so I know ALL ABOUT THIS.

But the older you get, the more you realize you don’t have to be ashamed of certain things that have been ingrained in you since a young age.

Here’s what people on AskReddit had to say about this subject.

1. Just do your own thing.

“Exercising around other people.

It’s easy to feel ashamed of your own weight, strength, etc. when exercising around others that already have the body image you’re striving for.”

2. A lot of people struggle with this.

“Receiving help from others.

We are, many of us, generous and always ready to help. But we have a hard time being on the receiving end.”

3. NEVER feel ashamed about that.

“Having a disability.

I’m epileptic. I’ve got no personal issues with it except for the obvious. People seem to act differently when hearing it though, and that can suck.

I had broke a molar one time a few years back and couldn’t find a dentist willing to do the work to fix it as I had 5 or 6 seizures one day supposedly caused by dental work years ago. It took nearly 2 years of living with a broken molar and a bit of a breakdown to the receptionist for anything to happen.

Bosses and co-workers seem to act differently too, but usually with the intent to come of more caring etc. Usually makes things awkward.”

4. Ha! I definitely feel this one.

“Walking into a store and not buying anything.

I can’t stand walking into a small independent shop where the owner says hi, and then, not finding anything, being unable to sneak past them on the way out without acknowledging their presence.

We had a moment, you and I, a connection where you implored me to support your small business – and I rejected you and your wares. CURSE YOU, INSTIGATOR OF UNNECESSARY GUILT.”

5. It’s okay if you don’t know.

“Not knowing something.

People shouldn’t shame others for their lack of knowledge. Absolutely no one knows everything.”

6. You gotta start somewhere.

“Not being good at something that they just started to learn.

Sucking at something is the first step to being sorta good at something.”

7. Have to be at their home base.

“Using the bathroom at someone’s house or a public place. It shouldn’t be embarrassing at all, just do what you need to do.

I’ve seen people make themselves miserable just to avoid using the bathroom.”

8. No shame in that.

“Wearing hand-me-down clothes that don’t fit quite right because they can’t afford anything new.”

9. Like what you like and don’t make excuses.

“Liking absolutley anything that they like.

Flowers, wrestling, kung-fu movies, cooking, collecting toilet seats, avacado toast, Bud Light, Michael Bay movies, crying, handle-bar moustaches, hairy men, floppy boobs, podcasts, fried chicken, exercise, heavy metal, scallions, The Irishman…

Just like what you like and own it.”

10. Age doesn’t mean ANYTHING.

“Being a certain age and not being married, having a degree, or anything that people have associated with a certain age.”

11. Be proud of it!

“Their own artwork.

People don’t just pick up a paintbrush and start painting masterpieces. Everyone’s art starts out rough.

The only reason someone ‘isn’t very good’ is because they just haven’t had the practice to refine their work.”

12. Everyone is doing their best.

“Working low wage jobs.

No one should feel bad for what they do, we all just trying to get by.

Those jobs exist because there’s a demand for them. If you use the service or product provided, you don’t get to act better than the person providing it to you.”

13. No one cares.

“Blemishes and pimples that no one notices but themselves.”

14. I’ve heard this before and it’s scary.

“Apparently, people who are choking on food don’t like to admit this.

For example in a restaurant when a person notices they are choking on the food they just go to the bathroom and try to survive on their own and actually quite many people die because of this.”

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