People Open Up About When Their Lives Changed for the Better

I think one of the best songs about life and its many challenges is “Changes” by the legendary Black Sabbath.

Some changes are good and some are bad, but it’s up to us to make positive changes in our lives when possible…because we only get one shot at this thing, folks.

When did your life change for the better?

Let’s see how people on AskReddit answered that question.

1. Done with it.

“Quitting drinking was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. If anyone out there is reading this and is thinking about quitting, do it.

It may take a few tries, but it’s absolutely worth the effort and it’s everything you hoped it can be.”

2. I’ll do it alone.

“Dropping my family was the best thing ever.

When your own family criticizes everything you do and belittles you and abuses you, it’s better to stand alone against the world!”

3. No more of that.

“My ex was so toxic I may be single forever.

He stole my mental and physical health, put me in debt, cost me my career and ruptured my family.

Being away from him is peaceful and comfortable.”

4. Big improvement.

“Finally getting proper medication for my ADHD at 22 years old.

Literally has improved every aspect of my life, no more sleepless nights, no more decision paralysis and no more procrastination!”

5. Leaving the church.

“I left the Morman church and dumped my horrific 19-year marriage at the same time. Life IMMEDIATELY got better!!

As a member you are constantly told that those who leave the church are resigned to live a life of loneliness, sadness, and misery. Nothing can be further from the truth!!

Just another lie the church belches out to make members fearful of leaving. I have never met ANYONE who has left the church and regretted it. Not one!! I am relieved to be a part of that group.”

6. Goals!

“Finally telling my best friend that I was in love with them.

We’ve been dating for two years now and every moment is like living in a dream. They’re sitting next to me right now cluelessly singing out loud with headphones in and I’m OBSESSED.

Also, Covid has allowed me to drive around the country while working remotely and actually do a lot of the hikes that have always been on my bucket list. It really changed my life by reaffirming my long term goals (stay healthy, get outdoors when I can).”

7. Best friend.

“I got a cat. Every morning I wake up, see her, and instantly become happier.

And every night she comes onto the bed and snuggles between my legs, so I end each day feeling loved. Pets are amazing blessings.”

8. Gone for good.

“My GF of seven years left me.

She was a lying, cheating, self-absorbed psychopath who literally told me she doesn’t understand other people’s emotions and just expected the passage of time with no genuine remorse or anything to heal all wounds.

I would always say that if she couldn’t tell the truth and be faithful then she needed to f*ck off. And she would stay so I kept trying to make it work like a good little idiot until she f*cked up again.

Well eventually she moved out without warning while I was out of town for work. At the time I was so p*ssed at her but now not only am I glad she finally f*cked off, but if she came back begging and pleading and promising to make everything perfect I’d still slam the door in her face.

Since she’s been gone I’ve had so much less stress and have been able to accomplish so much more not having to accommodating her and I’ve even lost weight even though I dont work out or eat any differently than I did when we were together. I do feel lonely since we were together for seven years and my relationship before her was for five.”

9. A new addition.

“Had a kid.

My father died when I was a baby and my mother never remarried. I’m happy to give my kid a two parent home and full attention.

So weird that I can think of it as a redo on my life but my son is a completely different person than me. All I know is that I have to be there for him every day and be consistent.”

10. LOVE.

“Meeting my now wife. I didn’t truly know it at the time. But within a few weeks I knew we were going to be together forever.

In the subtlest most constructive ways she pushes me to accomplish my dreams. 10 years and 2 kids later I love her even more than the day I met her.”

11. Career change.

“I went from working construction and everybody complaining about me to working as a social worker and people being grateful for what I do.

The relationship I have with my coworkers has drastically changed and my mental health skyrocketed ever since.”

12. Cut out the bad people.

“It would sound crazy, but when a person with whom I had a deep emotional connection got away of my life; I realized how messed up it was.

I was sad at first, but with time I understood why she didn’t want to know anything about me (my lack of effort to make my life better, toxic people around me, etc.).

Since there, I worked in my emotional intelligence, cut off the contact with people that made more harm than good, finished University and a lot of other things which makes me happy about my person.”

13. So long, Mom.

“My abusive mom left to live with her boyfriend.

My world opened up. I can exist in the house without being on edge. I can study without being interrupted by drunken rages and ramblings. No more gaslighting or arguments or finding wine hidden in chairs.

All that tension is gone.”

When do you think your life changed for the better?

And what made it change?

Share your stories with us in the comments. Thanks!