People Open up and Talk About the Things That Recently Made Them Happy

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It’s important to see the good things in life, right?

Even when the chips are down and you feel like every single thing in the universe is actively working against you, you have to remember that there really are great things about existing on Planet Earth.

So let’s get happy!

Here’s what folks on AskReddit had to say.

1. Feeling good!

“I went for a 3mile walk with my dog.

I could not do this last week because my knees are so bad. I got a cortisone shot and now I can take my buddy for long walks.”

2. Skate or die!

“I skate on my lunch breaks and have been trying to land a trick I haven’t landed in a while, the 360 flip. Before I went to skate, my girlfriend texted me and told me to have a good session and that she knows I’ll land the trick today.

I landed the trick today. That made me happy, but her text was what made the day for me.”

3. A new house.

“We finally were able to see the house we’ve been wanting to see and made an offer. Hopefully the buyer accepts and we can start packing up our rental. It’s in the area we want our kids to go to school in, down the road from our favorite wing place (we can literally walk there) and it’s in a beautiful neighborhood.

It was on the market two months ago, but the sellers took it off because of the whole covid shit. Then they postponed putting it back on market to paint the inside. We’ve been wanting to see it and we’re afraid that it was a list cause.

The seller accepted our offer!! I couldn’t be happier!!”

4. Peaceful protests.

“I went to the George Floyd protest in my small town. The protesters were 95% young people who were engaged and well behaved.

The Sheriff came out and listened to what they had to say.”

5. Get moving!

“I got closer to fitting back into my smallest pair of pants.

Been overeating and underexercising lately and kicked myself in the ass two weeks ago to get it together.

I’m getting there, slowly but surely.”

6. Supportive parents.

“I finally came out as bi to my parents after years of being scared and while they were hesitant at first, they both called me today and said they support me no matter what.”

7. Fun and wholesome.

“I’ve been working on a model train set with the guy I recently have started seeing. It’s a fun, wholesome project that we’re both excited about.

I bought some miniatures for it and sent him a picture like “look what I got” and he responded “those are awesome but they’re the wrong scale, but it’s ok, we will just make a diorama just for them”.

The trains he has are N scale and the miniatures I got were HO scale, which would basically make them Amazonians walking around the city.

My last relationship literally called me “stupid and lazy for not reading the label” if I bought the wrong drink or sauce. But the fact the new guy remained positive, knowing I was just excited about the project, and just wants to make a bunch of fun projects with me really brought a smile to my face.”

8. Common ground.

“Argued with my father about the protests.

We have a lot of disagreements politically but today we found common ground.

It feels good.”

9. Good luck!

“I got an email from LA county asking me submit my diploma and transcripts. This is for a job I applied for 14 months ago. I don’t know if it means I’m going to get an offer, but if I do it will be life changing. My last job went kaput and I’m worried about life after unemployment runs out.

If I get it, the job will pay 40% more than my last one and I’ll finally be truly financially secure.”

10. A new path forward.

“My best mate is 4 1/2 months sober. He gained a lot of weight drinking and eating like trash but over the past few weeks has hit the exercise routine and healthy eating habits like a goddamn champion.

He walks 5 miles everyday and is doing physical activities on top of it. Today he’s on the mend from a bit of bruising a soreness…what from? He spent the afternoon with me kicking the footy. What a legend. I give him six months and he’ll be half the person he is today.

Today I’m just happy about his new path.”

11. A nice change of pace.

“I live in Switzerland, today was the first day some of my coworkers who I haven‘t seen in 3 months returned to the office.

It was just really nice, everyone seemed happy and at ease, it was a nice change of pace.”

12. Sounds like a great day.

“Finding the motivation to get up, eat a balanced breakfast, and ran for two miles with my dog.

Then we sat by the pond under willow trees for a hour in quiet. It was so blissful, I forgot how much I loved it.”

13. A great connection.

“My husband has been gone for months on a rotation for the Army.

I got to FaceTime with him for a little while. That’s what keeps me going most days is that I’ll get to spend at least some time talking to him on FaceTime.”

14. I like this story.

“I jogged past a group of young kids sitting on their porch with their wiener dog. The pup thought it was playtime and started chasing after me, and the kids after him. I wasn’t entirely sure he was friendly but he was a tiny thing so I stopped to pet him and he was super nice.

When the kids caught up, they scooped him up and apologized, and one of them said she liked my hair. It was a pleasant exchange.”

How about you?

What’s something that has made you happy lately?

Tell us in the comments!