People Open up and Talk About What They’ve Learned in 2020

Here’s an incredibly obvious observation: none of us will soon forget 2020 and we’ll be talking about it for years.

This is the kind of year that Americans will use as a benchmark, like 1865 or 1945. Yes, this year really has been that consequential.

AskReddit users talked about what 2020 has taught them. Let’s see what they said.

1. All about effort.

“You have to put the effort in yourself to maintain work/life balance.”

Because when you have the capability to work from your bedroom, your employer won’t stop providing work until you say you’re done for the day.”

2. You never know.

“That even if you are the most careful person in the world, things will absolutely go wrong and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.”

3. Life lessons.

“I need to have my own home.

Not interacting with the ouside and people drains my batteries.

I love to cook.”

4. Be thankful.

“That I have a serious problem with taking things for granted.

Two friends that were like sisters to me passed away this year, one of a pre-existing illness (I’m not sure if it was her cystic fibrosis or the cancer that came as part of it) and one at 21 years old from COVID, despite having no pre-existing conditions or risk factors.

All I can think about is all of the times I could’ve called, could have talked to them. All the plans we never got to do and all of the things left unfinished. I always just assumed there would be time.”

5. Missing out.

“That even though I’m an introvert I still miss going to concerts, events and such.

Sure, I have enjoyed working from home and having more time for myself but I still miss going places and I think that once this is over I will try to enjoy the moment rather than thinking about when I’m going home again.”

6. Stranger than fiction.

“I’ve learned that no movie adequately captures a global crisis.

I can’t think of one disaster film where the B-story is that a decent chunk of the population joins a cult and begins to worship an obese orange racist. Major instability apparently makes people loopy.

Fact is stranger than fiction.”

7. Life is short.

“If you have a pet, friend, or family member that you love, try and see them as often and make memories as often, since life is short and fleeting.

A beloved family pet passed away shortly after getting sick. In a span of one month he passed away. I thought he was gonna live another 10 years tbh. I’m still mourning and grieving his loss.”

8. The loner life.

“I’ve learned that growing up as a loner, and focusing on hobbies that only involve me, has really helped my mental stability.

I don’t have any desire to go out to the bar, or to go out and eat. I have my video games, my 3D printer, my motorcycles, and my books.

I could do this another year if I have to.”

9. Have you done it yet?

“Buy a bidet.

I’m from the US and they are not common.

The great toilet paper crisis didn’t have sh*t on me.”

10. THIS.

“Many modern people lack resilience.

Ask people to take a few minor steps to protect others & themselves & they fall apart.

I’d hate to imagine what would happen if we gad a major global conflict like WWII today.”

11. Conspiracies run rampant.

“You can make up the absolute dumbest garbage–like, say, that there’s an international ring of Satan-worshipping baby eaters who run a cross-country network of underground tunnels where they breed and torture mole children–and so long as you repeat it often and loud enough, eventually, people will give in and believe it.

12. What you can control.

“There’s very little you can do to control the world around you, but you can control how you behave in response to them

I can’t control the fact that my uncle is an idiot who thinks mask mandates are oppression, but I can control what I say in response so my mom doesn’t get annoyed at me for “stirring the pot”.”

13. Thoughts?

“Capitalism is to blame for pretty much every systemic issue on this planet.”

14. It’s true.

“In times of crisis, good people rise to the occasion, and bad ones sink to new lows.”

What has 2020 taught you?

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