People Predict What Will Happen in 2021 if it’s as Good as 2020 Was Bad

I have a hard time imagining that 2021 could be any worse than this year, but I don’t even want to jinx it…

But I’m hoping (as we all are) that next year will be amazing for all of us and we’ll all be healthy, wealthy, and wise!

Let’s see what predictions folks on AskReddit hope come true in 2021 if it’s as GOOD as 2020 was BAD.

1. Keep it up!

“A cheap, effective way to recycle all plastic, because life is so much easier if we can use it.

I’m trying really hard to go zero-waste, but it’s not easy.

And although I know that I’m not saving the world by reducing plastic and single-use items, I’m going to keep doing it.”

2. Wouldn’t that be nice?

“Someone finally cracks nuclear fusion, and we start to fix climate change.”

3. Maybe we’ll get lucky.

“The coronavirus vaccine provides some level of protection against other corona viruses that cause the common cold, hitting two birds with one stone.”

4. Wishful thinking.

“Benevolent super AI…

Cures cancer. Reverses climate change.

Creates foglets out of nanotechnology to deal with pollution and bring in a post scarcity world.”

5. People are waiting…

“George R.R. Martin finally releases The Winds of Winter.”

6. Need a hug?

“We will discover that we are not alone in the universe.

We will learn this because they will fly down and tell us they were watching from afar, and that they thought we needed a hug after watching the disaster 2020 had become.”

7. All back to normal!

“Imagine God just comes from a stairway and says, “sorry, my creation department had a leak, it’s all fixed now.”

8. Good luck to you!

“I’ll find a job/career that’s sustainable and that I love.

I’ll meet someone that I fall in love with and I’ll be happy.”

9. We need this.

“A Nicolas Cage musical reboot of The Passion of the Christ.”

10. Let’s get to work on it.

“We learn to control climate change, fix the habitats that have been destroyed by humans, use renewable energies as a global civilization.”

11. Turn it around.

“Everything goes back to normal as usual, the world economy has a huge boom, causing a huge demand of stuff, leading to opening of more shops and small buisnesses.

Basically fixing everything that covid broke.

That’s enough for me.”

12. ‘Sup, bros?

“Aliens show up and they’re actually total bros.

They give us the cure for all diseases, show us how to do cold fusion, how to harness dark energy as a power source, show us how to travel through space and time, and give us crazy alien drugs.

Also they have two s*xes and they’re both really hot and horny for human mating. All this crazy alien s*x and mind expansion causes all humans to finally live in harmony and we get excepted into the Galactic Federation of Planets, finally.”

13. Bring it on!

“A low cost, low calorie, nutritious, tasty dietary supplement that acts as an aphrodisiac and a birth control.”

14. Time to address some issues.

“We’ll get a vaccine, things will go back to normal. We will finally address police reform, homelessness crisis, climate change, corporate tax avoidance.

People will realize how much misinformation is on Facebook and start being nice to other people of the opposite political party.

And everyone gets to choose between a new puppy or kitten paid for by taxes on the top 1%.”

Now we want to hear from you.

What are you hoping will happen in 2021?

Share your predictions with us in the comments. Thanks!