People Rant About The Phrases They Wish Would Go Away

Language is an amazing thing that brings us together, that helps us communicate accurately, and that evolves along with our society. To the latter point, phrases go in and out of style like clothes and hairdos – but sometimes, we wish they would go out of fashion a little bit faster.

These 20 people have some pet peeves when it comes to certain phrases they wish would go away, so beware – some of your own dislikes are bound to be on this list as well.

20. Pretty gross.

“The only disability is a bad attitude”

F**k no. Spina Bifida (and a multitude of other things) is 100% a disability! Stupid inspirational p*rn.

19. A lie we tell ourselves.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Sometimes it’s true.

Other times what doesn’t kill you leaves you paralyzed and traumatized.

18. Take a deep breath.

“Do your research.”

God that phrase triggers me – it’s my dads go-to for literally everything.

And of course doing my research to clearly show him that he is wrong about even the most objective things (like literally the price of a car or something) will have him acting like I’ve totally misconstrued what he said, that I’m taking things completely out of context and lo and behold I’m exactly the idiot he thinks I am.

17. They do, in fact.

“Cheaters never prosper.”

That phrase is so inaccurate today.

16. I mean, grow up.

Stay mad.

It’s the worst comeback ever.

“Stay mad kid” and you can’t even say “I’m not even mad” cause then you sound 11 years old.

I’ve never thought of a good response to this.

15. Just get it right.

I could care less.

It is supposed to be I couldn’t care less but many people mix it up.

I sometimes call it out to people but many times I couldn’t care less.

14. It doesn’t hurt.

“Money doesn’t buy happiness”

I just want to be rich enough to make my own decision on this one.

13. Stereotypes aren’t cool.

“Omg they’re such a insert zodiac sign, that is so like them”

Yes I’m bullying you not because I am an a$$hole but I’m such a gemini I don’t know what to do with all this ✨chaotic energy✨ of mine.

12. You can actually only do one.

“I’m not rude I’m just honest”

You can be honest without being an a$$hole Becky.

11. If only, right?

“Do what you love and the money will follow”

I like sitting on my ass and watching TV but that ain’t paying the bills.

10. I’m about to be rude.

“Not to be rude, but …”

9. It’s really not funny.

Back in the day when I used to work retail, without fail a customer (usually an older guy) would walk in and greet me with “Working hard, or hardly working?”

They would chuckle to themselves like they just dropped the most clever pun that I’d ever heard not knowing I hear it from multiple customers every day.

8. So say we all.

“The customer is always right..” whoever invented that phrase needed to be shot.

7. So many jokesters.

I worked at a grocery store and would ask ppl of “is there anything else I can get for you today?” when I didn’t feel like saying the full line of “Do you need ice, stamps, or anything else today?”

Everyday someone would reply “The winning lottery numbers” and assume they’re so damn clever for such a response (I would still get it when I said the second thing as it does include the phrase but not nearly as often).

I even one time had a higher up manager say this to me when he went through my line despite knowing that is something we should be asking.

6. It depends on the family.

“blood is thicker than water”

Nobody has f**ked me over more than blood relatives. I mean this financially, mentally, and for about 5 years, physically.

5. You’re not the first, or the last.

item doesn’t ring up

“Must be free! Chuckle chuckle.”

4. And your point is?

“Other people have it worse”

Thank you for invalidating my struggle….

3. Everything is not entertainment.

not sure if this is exactly relevant but I cannot stand the phrasing of modern political headlines that follow this formula:

“[person] BLASTS [person] over their stance on [subject]”

“[person] SLAMS [person] on their stance with [subject]”

“[person] DESTROYS [person] over [thing]”

Like I get with american politics everything is so tribalized and dumbed down that the entire political landscape is reduced to a team sports mentality, but I wish we would just move to something more creative aside from these few terms that are recycled endlessly. I wanna start see headlines like:

“Biden SUPLEXES Manchin over his hesitation of the reconciliation package”

“Trump HAYMAKERS Rubio over his stance on Florida’s schools”

“Pelosi PUNCHES A HOLE THROUGH Mitch McConnell’s FACE over his obstructionist policy”

y’know? give me some entertaining visuals as our country flounders and sinks into the earth

2. OK, Holly Golightly.

“If it’s meant to be, it will be.”

ex boyfriend of a three years relationship breaking up over the phone 😉

1. No one wants to hear what comes next.

“As a mother…”

I honestly don’t take issue with a single one of these.

What about you? Do you love one of these? Is there one you hate that’s not included? Drop it on us in the comments!