People Share Items They’d Bring If They Time-Traveled to Year Zero to Blow Everyone’s Mind

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Let’s get silly, shall we?

I’m fascinated by the prospect of time travel and I always ponder what I’d do and how I’d act if I was sent back in time. Hey, it could happen, right?

I clearly have too much time on my hands…

Let’s have some fun with AskReddit users!


“A history book, imagine telling about the future in so many different ways.

Telling them about medicine, vaccines, flying machines, better agriculture practices, how to build better technology, and a printing press to help spread the book around. However, who knows how empires will fight and colonize with this knowledge , and imagine how different the future will be from this.

Yeah, the book will probably be biased and I can’t correct or explain to them other events because of the language difference but that book will probably be kept in a super safe place and while the English language developed, they’ll start to decode it. And if they do, it’ll still b a good thing because they will still develop technology a few hundred years early

2. Here’s your Bible.

“A printed copy of Wikipedia. It would have a significant amount of knowledge that could be applied to improving society.

It would also be an insurance policy. As I would be the only one to be able to read modern English, it removes most of the incentive to kill me and steal the object I brought.”

3. Yes!

“The New Testament but I’ll rename the gospels Luke and Matthew to Bill and Ted.

Now we’ll have the Bible and the Bible 2: Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure and Jesus will lose his mind.”

4. Time to wow them.

“Fidget spinner. A box of them.

Complex items disposably cheap, made with high quality bearings, uniform manufacturing of small parts, and modern materials are tangible and understandable, yet light years outside their reach.

An iPad says “he’s a witch with a magic book.” A fidget spinner says “he’s a man with science far beyond our own.””

5. Yeah, bro!

“A frisbee.

It’d be so cool to see people playing with it right up until someone threw it up on to the roof of the school. Then it’d be over and we’d have to wait another 1955 years for it to be actually invented.


6. Minds = Blown.

“A Mars rover.

Just bury the fucker underneath where NASA will eventually be founded, and wait in the afterlife for a stupidly funny joke to pay off a few thousand years down the line.”

7. Good thinkin’…

“Probably a Tesla Cybertruck, along with the solar panel wings.

It should get you 30-40 miles a day with power just from the sun. That, and it makes light, heat, cold air, etc.”

8. Got it all planned out.

“A flamethrower.

Become a mercenary. You walk behind a line of their shields, they open up and you BBQ the army of your client’s choice. All for the low low cost of a duchy.

Or you become a real crowd favourite when it’s time to burn a witch.

Getting more fuel would be problematic, but I’m sure there’s an alcoholic substitute that could be used.”

9. What an invention!


“We can have sex without getting 27 kids from it?!””

10. Science 101.

“All of the science 101 books I could carry.

Chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy.

I don’t understand enough about any of those things to make a difference but I know that science was all about standing on the shoulders of giants. We could catapult human civilization forward thousands of years with this knowledge.”

11. Don’t let it run out.

“Nothing that runs out. So guns, cars, planes, and just about anything that needs other supplies to keep running/working.

What you’d need, is something mechanical. Something that can make more of itself, or make making more of itself easier.

I submit: The Modern Lathe (and how to make electricity)

Basically send a resourceful mechanical engineer back with a modern lathe. They’d be a god.”

12. It’ll come in handy.

“The digital watch on my wrist. Its solar powered so it’ll never really go out and I can freak them out with the light and alarm function.

They’ll also freak out at the moon phase and tide meter functions.”

13. Freakin’ out!

“A nuclear submarine.

Imagine this monstrous machine suddenly appearing from beneath the waves. All the naval forces in the world couldn’t so much as scratch it.

It can travel to ports far and wide faster than anything anyone has ever seen without sails or rowers. It would be incomprehensible in that era.”

14. Might take awhile…

“VR headset with google earth loaded onto it……then proceed to spend an hour trying to find my house.”

15. A new religion.

“The complete Harry Potter series.

I’d tell that they are future gods and establish Harry Potter World as a religion.”

16. Alrighty, then!

“An extremely radioactive chunk of uranium.

I would arrive in my lead pajamas because I’m assuming the clothes on our back don’t count. I would find the nearest semi large civilization and would place it in the center of town under the cover of night. I would then keep a safe distance, remove my protection, steal some clothes, and slip into a normal everyday life.

It would be very interesting to watch the townsfolk slowly slip into madness and paranoia as the radiation rots their brains away and unravels their DNA. Eventually everyone but myself would succumb to death or horrible mutations. I would then reveal myself as the savior who was chosen to be the only “normal” human left.

The one who would lead this new species of human to glory across the planet. Followed by my putrid army of creatures, I would slowly take over the world and go down in history as the worlds greatest warlord. The children in their current day classrooms would sing songs about me as they clap their 4 hands together and shoot spores out of their back in excitement.”

How about you?

What would you bring back in time if you really wanted to blow everyone’s minds?

Tell us in the comments!