People Share Secrets That Could Ruin Their Lives if They Got Out

Is there a secret deep in your consciousness that you can’t let out because it would cause too much damage?

Yeah, we all have something like that…

And these AskReddit users were nice enough to share their deepest, darkest secrets!

Let’s see what they had to say…

1. Awful.

“That my uncle r**ed and pr**tituted me out for drugs when I was 7. I’ve tried talking to my parents about my mental health before, and it’s always ended badly, so I just don’t try anymore.

If they found this out, I am certain they wouldn’t believe me, would gossip to everyone about what a liar I am, and I’d be even more of a black sheep in my family. And if they did happen to believe me, I’m sure they’d find a way to blame me.”

2. Sorry, Dad.

“My dad would be pretty disappointed if he knew how much m**h I did when I was 18.

I don’t do it anymore, but I used to have week long binges, so high and sleep deprived I’d start hallucinating.

I still think about it sometimes, I’m grateful I couldn’t afford to use it any more, honestly. I guess I just wanted to get that off my chest.”

3. Back in the day.

“That I was a her**n addict in my 20s.

Been clean 9 years, and no one I work with, or associate with at this point in my life (besides wife, kids, and immediate family) realize that 10 years ago I was an unrecognizable shell of who I am now…”

4. The liar.

“I had a horrible compulsive lying problem when I was a teenager.

My stories ran my whole life, in which I completely ruined it before it can start and it made me worse in the head. Bottled up my feelings for many years, recently have been getting therapy and meds, and had chosen to ‘ruin’ my life by admitting the truth to those I lied to.

Some don’t talk to me anymore, in which I understand. It felt good and also horrible to tell the truth. At Least I don’t do that anymore. If you have a similar issue, please talk to someone. Don’t make it worse like I did.”

5. Fakin’ it.

“I sold weed (like multiple pounds a week) to pay for college.

My parents think I got a scholarship and that’s why I didn’t take out more than like $10k in SLs (just my first year).”

6. Sounds like a good thing to me.

“I’m mixed up in the fast food game.

Sometimes I tell the homeless people around the corner what time we throw out the expired burgers, so they can grab them from the trash.

It’s explicitly banned in our code of ethics that we sign when we start.”

7. Used to have a problem.

“I’ve kept on the downlow I used to be a al**holic.

I used to live in one state and moved to another so it made it easier. I went to rehab and detox, after aftercare program. Afterwards a sober home and my own apartment but its always a stigma if i let anyone know my journey. Im 31 and Honestly its sucks because I want to break free from lying but its tough because I believe anyone I tell will judge me and not want to talk to me.

Its easier to lie. And its worked so well so far so why fix whats not broken. But I also get how it can eventually catch up. Just stuck in the middle.”

8. Shady business.

“Got busted with a lot of computers from my work, about $25K worth, and plead guilty to Grand Theft (F).

They spelled my name wrong, wrong birthday, and I never gave them my DL or SSN. “I don’t remember it,” I said over and over during my 90-day incarceration.

That was 34 years ago and I background check my name every few years with a racy heart each time.”

9. Jeez…

“When I was 11 I was told to take out the trash and I did but (for context my family had a grill with a box of matches next to it and it was fall) but I burned some d**d leaves for like 2 minutes then I stomped on them to put out the fire but all did was push it right next to our house and then the house went up the flames.

My parents had very well paying jobs so they were able to pay for the damages but when the authorities came and firefighters put out the fire, they were wondering how it started and the authorities suspected someone jumped to the fence and lit up the leaves to burn our house down.

Our parents scared for my life moved somewhere else and they lost the jobs and lost a lot of money moving to our new house and for the next solid 7 years we lived like s**t. And my parents still do not know that I’m the reason they have to look like that.”

10. Honest work.

“I draw furry p**n and make great money off of it.

I have a normal job but I use the art money for things I want like expensive clothes or bath and body works candles.”

11. Get some help.

“I often think of s**cide.

I have two kids and they’re the only reasons I am here.”

12. Family drama.

“I skipped my brother’s wedding.

Told him I had strep throat.

I just h**ed his now wife.”

13. Sorry, folks.

“I turned down a very lucrative job 3 years ago because it was in a city I didn’t have the best memories of.

I would’ve earned like 2 – 3 times I earn right now.

My parents always encouraged me to strive for better paying jobs so I could be comfortable.”

14. Addicted.

“I’m currently struggling with addiction not as serious as a her**n addiction but its majorly impacted my life and left me a shadow of my former self.

Sometimes it feels like i’ll never get to the point of having a family, good job or friends again but reading that makes me want to keep trying to get clean and live the life I should be living.”

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