People Share Stories About When They Walked Out of Movie Theaters

Have you ever become so frustrated that you got up and walked out of a movie theater?

Maybe it was annoying people in the theater, maybe you got bored, or maybe the movie was SO BAD that you just couldn’t handle it anymore.

Whatever the case, see if your story matches up with what these folks had to say on AskReddit.

My neck hurts.

“I remember vividly. It was Battlefield Earth.

The shot angles kept being tilted this way and that for no reason and I started tilting my head so that things would be level.

Then my friend joined in. Then we simultaneously were like “are we going to cramp our necks for THIS?” And walked out.”

Couldn’t get a refund.

“Holmes & Watson.

My family really enjoyed Step Brothers and Talladega Nights. So I shouted the 5 of us to the movies on Christmas day because for some reason the cinemas were open and it was showing and we don’t really do big celebrations. 15 minutes into the movie we all looked at each other like.. wtf is this?

I tried to leave.. I went to ask for a refund because their policy said you can get a refund 30 minutes into the movie… But we were 5 minutes late because of the 20 minute trailers.. I’m still seething about spending $100 to basically d** of boredom for an hour and a half.

I was sitting there embarrassed about suggesting the family outing. My family stuck it out because I’d paid for it and couldn’t get a refund even though I told them I didnt care and begged to leave.”

Wrong movie!

“When I went to see Deadpool 2, the cinema accidentally put the wrong film on and played some Amy Schumer film instead.

Everyone in the screen thought it was some meta deadpool joke and out of nowhere he’d appear and shoot Amy Schumer so we were all waiting on that.

After about 10 minutes of the film, the staff came into the screen and explained that they had put the wrong film on and couldn’t undo it because of their tight schedule etc but we would all get a refund and were welcome to stay and watch the rest of the Amy Schumer film. Everyone left.”



I walked out on it, but then decided I wanted to be back inside.

They let me back in, but then I walked out again.”

Too young at the time.

“I walked out of 28 Days Later.

Not because it was bad. I was 9 years old and snuck in and it was freaking me the f**k out.

Watched it years later and enjoyed it.”

This is trash!

“Way back in the 1970s the movie Freaks (1932) was rereleased due to being banded in America for 40 years.

My Dad, my brother, my brother-in-law and myself went to see it. My dad is a extremely straight laced, no humor type of guy and we couldn’t figure out why he wanted to see it. It was pretty wild for my dad, but he made it through it.

However the second feature a horror film called Private Parts (1972) [not Howard Sterns movie] was a bit much for dad. During a scene where the main character was f**king an inflatable doll full of water and injecting it with blood drawn from a victim (?), my dad stood up and said in a loud voice. “This is disgusting.” and he walked out.

My brother-in-law was right behind him. My brother and myself sat there laughing for about another five minutes before we got up and left. They were waiting out front for us and dad says he was only going to wait another minute before leaving and we would have had to walk home.”


“My parents took me and my sister to see a cool looking superhero movie when we were kids.

That movie was Watchmen.

My parents pulled us out after the big blue pe**s scene.”

Wasn’t into it.


Man did this movie have a great premise as a potential funny comedy . But out of nowhere it turned into some weird political love story .

I remember in the middle of this movie audibly saying out loud “where the f**k is this story going?” I don’t know how you screw this up but they did.”

Only time it happened.

“I’ve only ever walked out of one movie, and that was ‘The Last Airbender’ directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

As a fan of the original animated series, I was excited to see a live-action adaptation, but the movie was a huge disappointment. The acting was wooden, the script was clunky, and the special effects were underwhelming.

I made it about halfway through the movie before I decided that my time was better spent doing something else. It’s rare for me to walk out of a movie, but ‘The Last Airbender’ was just that bad.”

I’ve seen enough.

“By weird coincidence, I just walked out of Renfield earlier this evening.

It’s not that it was so bad (I’ve seen worse), but I was basically just there on a late-night whim and found I was the only one in the theater.

After a while I realized I really wasn’t enjoying myself and didn’t care that much how the movie ended, so on the off-chance I was the only one keeping the employees from getting things shut down for the night, I just left.”

Have you ever walked out of a movie?

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