People Share the Cheapest Things That Have Been Done to Them

©Unsplash,Markus Spiske

Once you get money involved in pretty much anything, things tend to get complicated.

That goes for work, friends, everything really.

And things can get really complicated (and pretty annoying) when you have to deal with someone who is just plain CHEAP.

Some folks just have no shame when it comes to this kind of stuff, as you’re about to see. People took to Twitter to share the cheapest thing that someone has ever done to them.

Ugh, let’s take a look.

1. This is why I’m calling.

They sound wonderful!

2. A great friend.

Are you still friends, though?

3. What a cheapskate!

Some people, I’ll tell ya…

4. NOT on the house.

Get outta here!

5. Not good roommates.

In fact, they sound terrible!

6. I need that money.

And I need it now!

7. Not sure if you can have this.

Oh, boy…really?

8. It was on MY shoe!

Kind of a d*ck move.

9. He had his own stash the whole time!

Why are people like this?

10. You can have the copy.

Merry Christmas!

11. OH MY GOD.

This is incredible.

12. Just out of spite.

Good thing you don’t actually know them.

Now it’s your turn!

In the comments, tell us the stingiest thing that someone ever did to you.

Please and thank you!