People Share the Facebook Posts That Will Left Them Seriously LOLing

Yes, 2020 has been an absolutely garbage year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all sit back and laugh at other people’s stupidity for a moment, right?

If you’ve had a bad day or even if you’d had an okay day… it’s completely okay to guffaw at other people’s painful bad decision making for a moment.

And if you haven’t been on Facebook for a minute… bruh… you’re welcome!

1. Isn’t that like CHURCH size Jesus?

Can you imagine sleeping underneath that thing? GAAAHHHHHH!!!

2. No Mabel, that’s not what it means.

Mind your own business and your own ovaries, kid!

My grandma thought I love babies doing yoga
by inoldpeoplefacebook

3. I feel this deep down in my soul.

So damn deep.


4. I’d let Shaun stay as LONG as he wants.

He’s got the fire posts, y’all!


5. I have a feeling this isn’t really good for the engine…

Fun statement… but naw… time to demask the car.

6. Is this what dentures look like between teeth?

Asking for a friend. No, asking for me.

My grandma decided she’d post a pic of her smiling every day to cheer everyone up
byu/woahasif inoldpeoplefacebook

7. There’s so much that’s right about this.

And so much that’s very wrong too. I love it.

8. Was he undressing you with his eyes?

How do you know he works for NASA? Hmmmmmmmmmm????

9. I mean… he’s not wrong!

BUT… you know somebody will just strip that audio out. Right?


10. Should somebody tell him?

I think somebody should tell him. In Spanish.

So, were we right or were we right? Well, it’s just me, actually.

Was I right or was I right?

Yeah, I was right.

Okay, which one of these made you really LOL?

Let us know in the comments!