People Share the Most Honest Slogans for Their State

We all have affection for the states where were born, or the ones we’ve adopted as our own – good, bad, ugly, or funny, it’s home.

Which is why it’s okay for us to make fun of their stereotypes like these 27 people did on Reddit!

27. The important ones, anyway. Except chocolate.

Ohio, home of the four C’s: Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Corn

26. Kind of disappointing, really.

Arizona: All beach, no ocean.

25. And they get to pick the president.

Florida: hold my beer.

24. That’s the nicest thing you can say about Florida.

Florida – The further north you travel, the more southern we get.

23. Spoiler Alert: because it’s cold.

Minnesota – come for the culture, stay because your car won’t start.

22. They should get a cut of the profits.

Colorado: Sponsored by Subaru.

21. Nope. Definitely don’t.

New York- We do have more than just one city.

But you probably don’t care.

20. At least half.

Texas – You’ll spend half of your cross country trip driving through here.

19. As us about corn! (Or soybeans or the ghosts of dead baseball players).

Iowa- not Idaho stop asking us about potatoes.

18. So friendly around those parts.

Welcome to New Jersey: We don’t want you here either.

17. It’s that darn research triangle.

North Carolina. Only 90% yankee refugees who got lost on the way to Florida.

16. Every person, every time.

Arizona: …but it’s a dry heat.

15. Unless you want to die.

Massachusetts – Don’t drive here if you’re not from here.

14. One might be an Ave.

Georgia – take a left onto peachtree street then a right onto peachtree street.

13. You can’t ask for directions, though.

Massachusetts – where even google maps gives up.

12. Accurate af.

Illinois – If it ain’t Chicago it’s corn.

11. Wellll…no comment?

West Virginia – We “don’t” f%ck our cousins anymore are f%cking liars.

10. Funny AND awkward.

Illinois- Our former governors make our license plates.

9. There’s been some spillover.

Oregon-We have almost as many Californians as California.

8. That’s why we live all the way up here.

Alaska: Leave me the fuck alone.

7. You can put them all together for super fun.

“Kentucky: Bourbon, Bluegrass, and Bibles. Oh and horses.”

6. Are we sure that’s all?

Michigan – Road construction next 300 miles.

5. And there’s no soda or booze.

Utah- You’re Mormon, I’m Mormon, We’re all Mormon!

4. Did you know there are two?

Washington: No, the other Washington.

3. When natural disasters just aren’t enough.

Oklahoma – Earthquakes and tornadoes are not enough. Wait 50 years and we’ll install both an artificial volcano and artificial oceans, so we can have double the disasters!

2. Hi did you know everything is killing you?

WARNING: This state contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

1. The best place to learn to drive a stick.

Kansas- for drivers that don’t want to turn for 4 hours.

These are just too perfect, don’t you think?

Which one is the most right for your state? Tell us in the comments!