People Share the Most Terrible Things the U.S. Has Ever Done Around the World

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This is a very divisive topic that makes people very passionate.

As for me, I definitely love my country, but I’m also aware that there are a lot of bad things our leaders have done and continue to do.

This song called ‘Merican by the great punk band The Descendents pretty much sums it up for me.

Here are some very interesting responses from AskReddit users about what they believe are the worst things the American government has ever done.

1. A false flag.

“Hard to rank them but the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a US false flag operation to establish the pretext to invade Vietnam to “stop the spread of communism”, leading to the absolutely useless deaths of millions of military and civilians only to have the US pull out and cede control of the entire country to communist control.

The most fucked up thing about it is that our government knew it was an unwinnable war but we stayed there anyway throwing more bodies on the pile. The news media kept a daily running count of US dead. The US govt. measured success in term of number of enemy dead.”

2. A coup.

“We over threw a democratically elected government in Iran when the people didn’t vote for who we wanted.

Down with the military industrial complex! Great nations don’t fight endless wars!”

3. A lot of bad business.

“I think the CIA raping and torturing US citizens is up there, they also imported and distributed drugs to black and Mexican neighborhoods. The tests they did on people are known as MK ultra Im pretty sure.

The government also made an agreement with Japan to not hold them accountable for their crimes against humanity if japan gave the US the results of their horrible experiments (Japan raped and tortured their own citizens but the level of cruelty was beyond imagination.

Surgeries done without anesthesia, weapons testing on live subjects, dipping someone’s limbs into nitrogen oxide and smashing it while they were awake). This was called UNIT 731.

Many presidents have ordered the military to commit crimes against humanity too. Obama ordered an air strike on a hospital full of innocent people and so many people died.”

4. Planting dictators.

“The incessant need to overthrow democratically elected socialist leaders and/or assassinating them and then planting fascist dictators in their place


– Salvador Allende (Murdered by US backed coup in Chile)

– Patrice Lumumba (Assasinated by CIA in DRC)

– Thomas Sankara (Murdered by US & French backed coup in Burkina Faso)

– Jean Bertrand Aristide (Ousted by US backed coup in Haiti)

…. anyone care to add to the list? There’s lost more I’m sure.

Oh, and the US literally invaded the tiny island of Grenada in the Caribbean to take down a socialist government… sad.”

5. U.S. bombs.

“During the Vietnam War, the US dropped about 270 million bombs on the small country of Laos making it the most bombed country in the world. Millions of bombs did not detonate and still pose danger to the people living there.

Both of my parents had to immigrate from Laos because of this war. My dad told me that he knows civilian people who lost limbs and others who died because of the bombs. Over 90 percent of the people killed by these US bombs were civilians.”

6. A terrible history.

“I’m gonna go with not doing anything to stop the brutal lynching, rape and murder of African Americans up until the 1960s.”

7. There’s a movie about this.

“An entire town of black people was wiped out in my home state and nobody even knows about it.

Look up “Rosewood”, a white mob burned it down and killed most black inhabitants because of a dubious claim that a white woman was attacked by a black cab driver.”

8. Eugenics.

“The Eugenics movement, where disabled, ‘feeble-minded’, and the mentally ill were sterilized against their will to ‘improve the human race’.”

9. Trail of tears.

“Decimated the Native American population, and then gave them the worst land and doomed them to poverty.”

10. A terrible incident.

“The burning and bombing of the black Wall Street.”


11. Crack cocaine.

“Remember that time the CIA allowed a Nicaraguan cartel to sell cocaine in America to fund a civil war.

Basically started the 1980s crack epidemic in black communities.”

12. The Sandy Creek Massacre.

“500 Colorado cavalry were sent to track down natives that were attacking settlers. They ended up coming to a Cheyenne village that was known to be peaceful. Its leader, Black Kettle, was a voice of peace for the natives and had even gone to Washington DC to meet with president Lincoln and negotiate a lasting peace between Americans and Cheyenne.

Lincoln gave him an American flag and told him that so long as it flew in their camp, no American would harm them. Anyways, this asshole Chivington was leading the cavalry, and saw it as some kind of noble duty. After months of searching for aggressive natives and coming up empty handed, the government ordered him to disband his force and go home.

Chivington, now faced with the prospect of his crusade being an embarrassment, decided to attack Black Kettle’s village, basically just to say he did something. The Colorado cavalry attacked in the middle of the night in mid November, while everyone was sleeping. Eyewitness accounts are terrifying, and basically women, children, and men were run down as they tried desperately to flee across a frozen river.

Black Kettle ran into the middle of the battle waving the American flag and screaming that they were friends of America, but the Americans turned on him and he was forced to drop the flag and flee as well. The fact that Black Kettle survived is miraculous, but most of his clan did not, and the few that survived the battle mostly died of hypothermia and starvation from literally fleeing through a frozen river in the middle of the night.

Cavalry men raped live and dead women, including children, and cut off mape and female genitals and strapped them to their horses as decorations. Black Kettle and what remained of his clan ended up getting sent to a reservation, where they mostly starved to death, and Black Kettle gave up on peace as the younger generation flocked to warlords like Roman Nose and Crazy Horse.”

13. This is kind of scary.

“Did everyone forget CoIntelPro? or do you just know that it is still going on so you’re afraid to mention it? Cointelpro was the FBI/CIA/FED program to infiltrate and destroy any groups that were considered “left” on the political spectrum.

It involved not only placing people in those organizations, frequently as agent provocateurs, but murder, financing militias (inside the United States mind you), and putting people in jail for life (many of whom are still there). That’s the thing about Cointelpro, for all we know, it’s still going on.

In fact, given the findings of some researchers on the Antifa movement, in which police put agent provocateurs into the movement to ratchet up violence so that the police could respond violently, it absolutely is still going on.

Read – https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/421559.Cointelpro

The other thing to note is that CoIntelPro wasn’t a left or right program. It ran under both liberal and conservative administrations.”

14. A big one.

“Privatization for profit of our prison systems.

Turns out Crime does pay.”

15. Without their consent.

“A study by the U.S. General Accounting Office finds that 4 of the 12 Indian Health Service regions sterilized 3,406 American Indian women without their permission between 1973 and 1976.

The GAO finds that 36 women under age 21 were sterilized during this period despite a court-ordered moratorium on sterilizations of women younger than 21.

Two years earlier, an independent study by Dr. Connie Pinkerton-Uri, Choctaw/Cherokee, found that one in four American Indian women had been sterilized without her consent. PInkerton-Uri’s research indicated that the Indian Health Service had “singled out full-blooded Indian women for sterilization procedures.”

Wow. I had definitely never heard of some of those stories before.

What do you think?

Talk to us in the comments and tell us what you think are the shadiest things the American government has ever done.