People Share the Non-Traditional Beauty Standards They Are Attracted To

You know what I’m SUPER DUPER attracted to but a lot of people don’t think is hot?

When women have a little gap between their two front teeth.

I think it is so HOT.

But that’s just me…

Let’s hear from some AskReddit users about the non-traditional beauty standards that they think are attractive.

Take a look!

1. Handsy.

“I really like hands for some reason,

The shapes and sizes are each unique and I just love to rest my hands in the hands of someone I love.

It just makes me melt, it’s hard to explain.”

2. Unique.

“I love unique faces, because I have mild facial blindness and most of y’all look the same to me.

“Hot” faces are so symmetrical I find them boring (and hard to spot in a crowd). And a study proved this – if you blend a hundred human faces, the blend of all of them will be the hottest, because it’s averaged all of the features out.

So I love Owen Wilson’s crooked nose. I love people with unusual eye shapes. Chris Pine is my favorite Chris because his face is a bit more unique than the others.”

3. You’re not alone.


I can’t really explain it but I just feel an attraction to girls with prominent or interesting-looking noses.”

4. Hmmm…

“So called “raccoon eyes”, when they have that dark pigmentation below their eyes.

Not talking about makeup or just eye bags. I know girls who have them by genetics and I just love it.”

5. That’s hot.

“Crow’s feet.

A sign that the person smiles a lot, the greenest flag of them all.”

6. The good stuff.


Don’t know what it is but scars on women are physically endearing to me.

That includes stretch marks too!”

7. Cute.

“There’s something about slight acne, freckles and other little imperfections like birthmarks that have always been cute to me.”

8. Eccentric.

“Sort of eccentric or interesting personalities.

People who “speak” in a certain way and the way that someone talks and what sort of words they use.

I really enjoy very “animated” people too.”

9. Let it go!

“Curly hair.

People around here usually straighten their hair, and I’m there like “what a waste, your curls were already sooo pretty”.”

10. Nice and round.

“More rounded facial features.

Today’s models have facial features that are way too angular for me.”

11. You must be smart.

“A sprinkle of gray hair on a guys head or in their facial hair.

Even if they’re relatively young – it projects wisdom.”

12. What’s that smell?

“The natural smell of compatibility.

Nobody ever talks about how the natural smell of someone can tell you how well a person is going to be worth being around or not.

I don’t mean stink, I mean the clean natural smell a person gives off in a conventional setting. We can always tell how someone smells whether we talk about it or not.

Being around people all the time, we worry about how bad other people can smell. But, we never think about how good their natural odor is (compatible person) until we’re close enough to shake hands or sit next to.

Yet, we talk about smells all the time.”

13. Choppers.

“Non-perfect teeth.

I’ve always found slightly crooked teeth charming.

And when the two front teeth and canines are slightly longer than the rest of the upper teeth!”

Are there unusual traits that you think are HOT?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

Thanks in advance!