People Share the Places They Think Are Overrated to Visit

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I gotta say, for me, I think my answer is Las Vegas. I guess it’s okay to experience once, but I really don’t understand how people visit there repeatedly and from all over the world.

To each their own though, right? I love Chicago and New York City, but I’m sure some people think those places are NO GOOD.

Folks on AskReddit shared the places they think are way too overrated to visit.

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1. It is pretty dirty

“Hollywood walk of fame.

Haven’t seen a dirtier road.”

2. Does not sound fun

“That wing mural in Nashville.. There is literally a line that takes an hour to go take a picture with a pair of wings on a wall.”

3. At least there’s pizza

“Plymouth Rock.

It’s just a rock. It’s not even a big rock, or a weird-looking rock; it’s just a grayish lump the size of a beanbag chair with “1620” carved on it. I didn’t pay anything to look at it and it still was a ripoff.

There’s a nice pizza place nearby though.”

4. Disappointed

“Kind of specific, but I visited the Gold and Silver pawn shop from the show “Pawn Stars” when I was in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago.

Holy s**t that place is tiny. Mad props to the production crew that films inside there, because I always imagined it was big and open. It’s basically a single isle from the door to the back of the store with a little side area where the registers and offices are.

I went out of my way to see it, expecting to spend at least an hour looking around. After being inside for 5 minutes I saw pretty much everything and left quite disappointed.”

5. La La Land

“Hollywood! I feel so bad for tourists in LA that waste their vacation time in that dirty hellhole.”

6. Insider tips

“As a tour guide in Paris, here’s my time to shine and help you save time and money:

Avoid Paris In June and July, August. September is best, May comes in second.

ALWAYS, always book your skip-the-line tickets online before going to a landmark. Nothing in Paris is worth waiting 3 hours in line. Instead, go drink some wine and eat some cheese + baguette in a nice park or by the river.”

7. It’s worse…

“Whatever expectation you have of Roswell, New Mexico- it’s worse.”

8. Anywhere else


Please go anywhere else In Norway when you visit.”

9. That sounds like hell

“Times square on New Years.

If you know, you know.”

10. Not the real Dublin

“If you’re in Dublin, stay away from the Temple Bar area.

It’s ridiculously overpriced and is not at all what a real Irish bar is like at all.”

11. UAE


It’s the most culturally deficient place you will ever see in your life!!”

12. Overrated

“Bondi Beach in Sydney.

Overcrowded, everything there is way overpriced.”

13. Not a fan

“I was dragged to Dubai to visit relatives a couple of years ago and I could not find the words to describe how soulless and uninteresting the place is.

Then there is the unrelenting, searing heat. I couldn’t wait to leave after around 3 days.”

14. That place with the tower


Besides the small square with the tower where everyone is taking the same sh**ty joke pic. And guys tryna sell you toys.

The rest of the town is pretty s**t.

You’re in Tuscany, go to ANY small town and you’ll enjoy it far more.”

15. Sounds horrible

“South Beach/Miami

Over priced bars and clubs, if you’re a dude and you dont have a fine group of women with you, be ready to drop serious cash for a night out if you’re there.

There are better beaches up and down the coast, that wont force you into the terrible traffic and parking SB has.”

So yeah, I now know where I’m NOT going to go.

What about you? Ever been a place where you thought, “Nawwwwww… I’m out!”

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