People Share the Specific Ways You Can Tell if Someone Is a Good Person

We all have our litmus tests for figuring out whether the people in our lives are actually good people. Do they do charity work, are they good parents, loving children, the sort of neighbor who would feed your cats when you’re away?

There aren’t reliable ways, though, right? Things that work for every person in more than one scenario?

Maybe not 100%, but people say these 15 very specific things are as reliable a tip-off as any.

15. No talking behind the back.

I know my boss is a good person because he’s never said anything mean about a rude client or competitive business.

It’s always, “those guys do awesome work, that guy is just the best man”.

14. There are people who don’t do this?

They wait for you when you bend down to tie your shoes.

13. Even bugs.

How they treat animals when no one is looking.

Especially stray animals and wildlife.

12. Litterers are the worst.

They keep the trash with them until they find a dustbin.

11. That’s extra!

They pick up nails, screws or sharp objects they come across from the parking lot or road so people don’t get flat tires.

10. They pay attention.

I grew up in the Midwest and eventually moved to a bigger coastal city. I never really noticed how much friendlier people were in the Midwest until I visited after a couple years of being away.

I was walking around downtown trying to find a certain address when a random person walked up to me and asked if I needed help.

That’s when it really struck me how different the culture was where I grew up compared to where I moved.

Those types of people are the best.

9. I am so bad at this.

Someone who remembers a tiny detail about your life or something you like and brings it up in convo much later on.

8. They make room for you.

When someone noticed you were going to talk in a group but get cut off then later they say “you were about to say something, right?”

7. Those are good people skills.

When in a group of people walking, they make sure nobody gets left behind by spacing themselves between the leaders and the stragglers and keeping an eye on both.

6. Just checking in.

Sticking around and showing up when your friend is in a bad way– even if they have been in a bad way from a long time.

You don’t have to cook them food every night. But check in so they know you care about them.

After experiencing a tragedy, I realized how fair weather the majority of the people I had in my life were. It doesn’t make me angry so much as sad and disillusioned.

5. Definitely better than the opposite.

They say good things about people behind their backs.

4. This is my favorite personality trait.

They can admit when they are wrong about something without getting angry or defensive.

3. Not having to ask is heaven.

Quietly helping you with stuff without prompting/asking for help.

2. That was unexpected.

When a person can set a positive environment.

Unnecessary anecdote: Once my friends and I were playing a drinking game (kings) where you had to make up rules that are normally supposed to make people a little uncomfy.

That night, my sweet friend set a rule that you have to give a compliment before each turn… 20 people ended up crying, supporting each other, and reminding everyone of their worth.

That’s a good person, and that goes down as my favorite college memory.

1. It doesn’t have to be their thing.

Even if they don’t quite understand or relate to a topic you brought up, they ask follow up questions. Bonus points if they don’t seem particularly interested in the topic, but they still remain invested in the conversation since you’re excited to talk about it.

It always flusters me when I’ve accidentally bored someone or stalled conversation, so the fact that some try to keep it running to avoid awkward silence feels really sweet to me.

I have to say, I think I agree with most of these!

Do you have a short list of ways to tell who you’re dealing with? Share them in the comments!