People Share The Things About Them That Are Socially Unacceptable

For many of us, it’s far easier to see the faults in other people than the ones in ourselves, but if we stand and stare at the mirror for long enough, I promise we can all find at least a few.

These 17 people are brave enough to do just that, and are sharing with all of us the bits of themselves they definitely have to hide from the public.

17. Whatever blows your skirt up.

i typically do not masturbate for pleasure. i usually do it just to make myself tired enough to fall asleep.

16. Technically you don’t owe anybody anything.

I am really good at relating to everybody and then they say or do something I don’t like and I ghost.

It doesn’t even have to be anything that serious…I just peace out.

Someone said I just don’t like people but I’m sure it’s deeper than that.

15. Sort of worrisome.

I never just have a “few beers” if I have one.

I usually drink at home so when I get plastered my bed is only a few steps away. A few days ago I went out to celebrate a friends birthday and realized I have this issue… I fell out of my seat at a bar. I quickly got up, but realized I could not walk properly.

Usually no big deal since my bed is just a few steps away from my living room, but oh god the uncomfortable and awkwardness of having to ask my friends older brother for his shoulder just so I could make it out the bar made me realize I have an issue, once I have one I need to have 10.

I have no issue when I’m sober but once I’m not I can’t stop til I’m too far gone, what makes me stop is passing out.

14. Totally not your fault.

I’ve always struggled with sweaty hands and feet since I was a small child. In formal settings I enjoy the option of wearing opera gloves. People think I’m being fancy.

Nah bra I’m just hiding that I have to shake 9000 hands at this event tonight and I don’t want to have to keep wiping them on my dress.

13. Thanks I hate it.

12. Is Netflix not a hobby?

I don’t have any hobbies.

I don’t have anything special I do to be entertained or something that makes me super interesting.

People just question me what the heck I do all day without anything like that.

It’s not a good look somehow?


10. Selective mutism.

I know people are wondering why. I don’t know this person but I also don’t talk to people and I can at least tell you my reason.

I have a horrible little thing called selective mutism. It’s a severe anxiety disorder where you freeze out of fear and can’t speak. If you’re lucky, you might be able to say yes and no. I’ve had it for 9 years now and it’s barely gotten better. I’ve had no friends except online in the past 9 years.

It usually only affects young children but can affect older kids and even adults, I got it when I was 11. It affects about 1% of people. I can talk just fine with my family, but no one else. It’s lovely (/s istg I can’t live like this much longer)

9. Literally everyone.

I don’t know what the f**k I’m doing most of the time. Respectfully.

Young Me: Can’t wait until I become an adult, then I’ll know exactly what I want to do.

Adult Me: Oh no…

8. Cut them off.

I think my family are a bunch of self involved manipulating a$$holes and if they didn’t talk to me again, it might make my life easier.

Like why the hell am I supposed to have to spend my whole life with people who are a$$holes to me? Just because a chain of people decades ago f**ked?

It doesn’t make any sense to me. Find the good people and keep them but kick the people that treat you like shit out of your life, just like you would anyone else.

I always have and always will prefer my chosen family, those friends who stick by you no matter what and have been there for you for years. They have been there for me so much more than my biological family ever has and never say things to me like “I never wanted you, I only wanted your sister” or constantly brag about all the times they were planning on killing me and how they almost did.

Sorry for the mini vent, but seriously, find the good people in your life and hold them close.

7. A dirty little secret.

I hate kids and am a teacher.

I’m a high school teacher and I enjoy teaching teenagers, but can’t stand kids under the age of 11.

6. It’s called anxiety.

I have spent unhealthy amounts of time imagining how radically different my life would be if I didn’t mess up big time.

5. Go for it!

I think being a stay at home dad would be great. I hope I can be.

My brother in law is and he is amazing at it! He’s even been homeschooling during the pandemic. I really tip my hat to stay at home parents as it’s a selfless job I could never do.

Old fashioned people give him crap for being a sahd but he is amazing at it.

4. I guess they haven’t made it yet.

I am faking everything. Literally.

I could not care less about anything. But I fake it all.

3. A fine line to walk.

I definitely do not know at what point expressing my desire to talk to someone crosses from ‘reaching out in a friendly way’ into ‘annoying and impinging’.

And I worry about it !

2. That might be depression.

I will do nothing but sleep and eat all day if i could.

I’m currently unemployed and basically do that everyday. And trust me, it’s very easy to stop caring about yourself, stop showering, stop brushing your teeth, thus getting more lazy, not going out anymore because showering seems already like so much effort and sleeping is so much easier and BOOM! Depression pit. It’s so easy to slip into this and just a tiny little step each day. There are a lot of days that I feel like useless garbage and that I absolutely suck

I can recommend taking a break from working for two months or maybe even 3, but it’s not as easy sitting home all day as we imagine it is. I feel like I have no purpose anymore

1. …doesn’t everyone?

I talk to myself as if people were listening even when I’m alone.

These definitely qualify as socially unacceptable, but also, totally normal?

How would you answer this question about yourself? I want to hear your response in the comments!