People Share the Things They Don’t Want to Be S***alized Anymore

It can seem (especially if you’re a girl or a woman, I think) that the world is full of these s*xual pitfalls no one tells you about – and they’re holes made of things you never could have guessed would have been s**ualized in the first place.

Here are 13 of those things, in case you need a head-up (or just somewhere to commiserate).

12. Slang can be tough.

“Sleeping with” someone…

Sometimes it’s just a sleepover.

Or sometimes you’re just sleeping in the same bed!

11. I don’t like that.

My race, if that makes sense.

Like… people’ll talk about how “exotic” or “spicy” I am and that’s pretty weird.

10. Stop it. Now.


Add the word “public” in front of “breastfeeding” and you should see the issue.

It is still problematic in many western societies for women to feed their babies in public places without getting looked at like they are doing something obscene.

9. Women are not designing these clothes.

Basically the whole women’s clothing industry. Why does everything have to be about how s**y she looks? Why is it butt, breasts and hips and not ‘what makes you feel comfortable’?

I pretty much gave up on women’s clothes last year and I wear mostly men’s now.

In general I’ve found men’s clothes to be more comfortable, last longer, cost less, be warmer in the winter, have way more pocket space…Honestly, it seems like a pretty skewed deal.

8. Thanks, p*rn.

People getting stuck doing household chores.

Nobody is getting stuck and then getting f**ked.


AND… that’s r*pe.

So… NO!

7. There’s no reason to sell separate clothes for kids under 5.

Little girls clothes!

Put even 2T girls shorts or undies next to boys and they are MUCH shorter and tighter.

6. It can certainly feel that way.

Everything and anything

Dang rule 34.

5. Yeah none of that, please.

Fetishizing certain races is quite an unhealthy trend.

Asian women anybody?

Please people… just don’t do that.

4. That’s what they’re for, Sir.


I never noticed how bad it was until I had my son. My uncle came over after he was born and said it was gross that his mother breast fed him.

While I sat there breastfeeding my son… please check yourself. I’m feeding my child. Nothing weird about that.

Not to mention, formula is expensive and gives a lot of babies tummy aches.

3. In a perfect world.


A proper massage is not the slightest bit s*xual and can be instrumental in sleep quality, reducing physical pain and improving overall quality of life.

A good and skilled masseuse can literally put you to sleep at will.

I get them regularly and hate the seedy connotations that are so common.

2. It really is bad.

Women getting murdered.

Horror movies and reenactments in shows like Cold Case Files, the woman murder victim is always wearing like s**y lingerie to get brutally killed in.


1. I blame Britney Spears.

Long over the knee socks.

Winter is cold, mate.

I’d like to be able to wear them with tights and mid to shortish length skirt without it being assumed that I’m going for a school girl vibe.

Let’s just stop with all of this, what do you say?

Tell us in the comments what you would add to this list!