People Share the Things They Regret Finding out in Their Lives

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Have you ever discovered something in your life that you really wish you hadn’t? Something that changed the way you thought about things or people?

I know I have, and I wish I could turn back the clock and erase those certain things from my mind. But…that’s life…

AskReddit users shared the things they wish they’d never learned in their lives.

1. Robbing the cradle.

“My mum was 14 when she met my dad. He was 24.”

2. Sad…

“That my best friend took her own life. She told me she was moving and gave me all her stuff because she said she had a furnished room where she was going. I hadn’t heard from her in awhile and she never answered my texts so i looked up her name to see if she had an accident. Nope, it was suicide. The kicker is she had talked me out of it back in 2014 and i wasn’t able to be there for her.”

3. She knew…

“That my mother knew she had cancer a year before she told anyone or rather, a year before she was “diagnosed” after I literally forced her to see a doctor for her then extremely distended stomach.

I was under the impression that we told each other absolutely everything because up until that point, we did. I found out the truth a month after she died when I’d requested all of her cancer-related paperwork from her oncologist.”

4. Uh oh…

“That my younger sister has a high rank in a local BDSM club…”

5. That’s a lot to handle.

“My dad informed me when i got back from Iraq that I was the reason he and my mother got a divorce. I never really wanted to join the military anyways, and it f**ked me up big time. They had financial troubles and my mom sent me care packages quite a lot. Apparently, that put them into bankruptcy, and if I hadn’t joined it wouldnt have happened. I just wanted to get out of that house because it was like I didnt exist.

Edit: I’ve never received this much support regarding this issue. Thank you. For the first time I think I really believed it when I told myself it wasn’t my fault. I’m smiling so hard through the tears. Seriously thank you.”

6. Way too young for that…

“Mom telling me on regular basis when depressed that she wishes she would fall asleep and never wake up.

Don’t tell a six year old this, damn.”

7. Family history.

“I didn’t meet my dad until i was 15. It was in secret since my mother wanted nothing to do with him.

Within the first 3 sentences exchanged, he felt the need to tell me that i was conceived on a beach in July during the last time they had s*x. I was the product a going-away f**k in a relationship doomed before my conception. He followed it up with “We were good at two things, me and your mom. Fightin and f**kin. Unfortunately we were fighting more than we were f**king so it stopped being worth it.”

10 years later and this is still how i get my family history.”

8. Didn’t need to hear that.

“When I was about 14 my mom took me to a tattoo shop to get her nipples pierced.

While the procedure was happening, she turned to me and said “your Dad bites harder then that”……I could have lived without that info.”

9. Bad news.

“That my father cheated on my mother on a regular basis, I discovered he even went in an orgy while with my mom which is not a cool thing to learn when you’re 15 and don’t know if you’re mother knows or not.”

10. Awful.

“That my grandmothers fiancé is a convicted pedophile, she doesn’t care and has moved in with him.

He was a teacher at a middle school and s*xually abused and violently assaulted 3 handicapped children.”

11. Wow…

“That I’m possibly inbred. My dad had a kid with his first cousin and the kid had down syndrome and a hole in his heart (sweet as can be and really good at videogames).

Apparently that was a little common on my dad’s side so it’s possible I’m slightly inbred.”

12. Terrible.

“My mother died in a car accident when I was three. I found out from a newspaper article years later that it was her fault.

She wasn’t paying attention and crossed the yellow line and ended both her life and that of the person in the other car.”

13. Defrocked.

“I regret finding out that a priest I used to admire was a pedo and has since been defrocked.”

14. That’s pretty classy.

“Finding out my ex had slept with my uncle and 3 of my friends…”

15. Totally gut wrenching.

“Looking on my ex gf’s phone when we were on a trip to Ithaca NY.

I would take any physical pain I’ve had so far over that I felt when I saw the things on there.

Totally gut wrenching. I wanted to marry her.”

Well, that was certainly eye-opening, right?

Any of these make you think about your own life? Any stories you want to share?

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