People Share the Times When They Regretted a Decision Immediately

Have you ever done something and then immediately said, “Oh no… oh god no… oh good glory jesus NOOOOOOOO!!!!”

Yeah, me too. And that’s why we’re here today… to commiserate about those times that people did something, regretted it… but not enough to prevent them from sharing it on the internets!

Let’s take a look and some of these hilarious buffoons!

Like this guy who didn’t even know his projects partner’s name…

Bruh… just turn it in.

Or this person who says you can’t dry plates in the dryer.

Well, they are technically IN there, and they look dry, so…

Image Credit: Facebook

What happens when you forget that plastic and heat don’t mix?

Something which is honestly, pretty amazing. I mean, look at that!

I think the breads warm from Wellthatsucks

When you’re a dad and you think you’re sneaky…

But you don’t tell the wife what’s up.

Can’t you just put that on your nose?

No, that’s not how it works? Ack!

Drove 45 mins to the store thinking I had my mask in my pocket. It was a baby sock. from Wellthatsucks

Roomba! You betrayed me!!!

You don’t know s**t, you know that!?

Didn’t he technically do his job.

He “un” locked the door. Get it? Yeah you do…

I was the one in charge of unlocking the building today. This will be a fun conversation… from Wellthatsucks

Cats just do what they want.

And that’s why I hate cats. Sorry mittens!

Turned my back for a minute and she peed in 20 cups of uncooked rice… from Wellthatsucks

I’m sorry… these are AMAZING friends

Talk about the best prank ever! That means your friends LOVE you. Duh!

Image Credit: The Poke

Folks, I’m fully in love with a lot of these fails. They’re so achingly human and hilarious, and they really made my day.

What about you? Which of these made you sit up and do a spit take?

Let us know in the comments!