People Share the Weirdest Facts They Know

We all know a lot of random stuff.

And it covers all kinds of random topics. I personally think it’s a good thing to know a little about a lot and with that comes from weird facts that get stuck in our brains for one reason or another.

Are you ready to learn about some interesting facts?

Let’s get weird with folks on AskReddit!

1. Time to get grossed out.

“Lice are the human equivalent of fleas, but unlike other species, humans have different types that are exclusive to different parts of the body- head lice, body lice and pubic lice.”

2. Take that!

“America dropped extra large condoms labeled small into Soviet territory to make the Russians feel bad.”

3. Taste test.

“A male giraffe will taste the urine of a female to know if she’s fertile.”

4. I need a pair of these.

“Necropants are a pair of pants made from the skin of a dead man, which are believed in Icelandic witchcraft to be capable of producing an endless supply of money.”

5. That’s wild.

“Squirrels need to fall 4800 miles to die because it gives them long enough to starve.

This is because they can survive their terminal velocity.”

6. It worked out.

“During a long FBI undercover sting operation to uncover corruption in the Cleveland PD, the FBI used a T-Shirt factory as a front for an illegal gambling operation, not only did they turn a profit with the T-shirt company but there are a few companies and bars walking around with T-shirts made by the FBI, including the Cleveland PD’s softball team.”

7. Size matters.

“In ancient Rome, having a large p*nis resulted in being ridiculed. It was thought the bigger the p*nis, the dumber and more brutish you were.

In other words, I would have been the smartest man in Rome.”

8. Well, that’s just adorable.

“Otters hold hands while they sleep so they don’t float away.”

9. State fish.

“The Hawaiian state fish is called a “humuhumunukunukuapuaa”.

I tried to date a Hawaiian girl in high school. It’s amazing the stuff you can remember when you’re a horny 17 year old.”

10. I’m a fan of this.

“The E in Chuck E. Cheese stands for “Entertainment”, making his full name Charles Entertainment Cheese.”

11. Defend the hive.

“Bees can vibrate their bodies super fast which produces a lot heat.

In order for a hive to defend themselves from intruders like wasps they will dog pile the wasp while vibrating and it will eventually cook the wasp alive.”

12. Save it for later.

“Otters have a small pocket underneath their armpits where they like to hide their favorite rocks.”

13. Think they were ready for a kid?

“The youngest parents in the world had a combined age of 17.

8 year old boy 9 year old girl

1910, China.”

14. No!

“About 1 cup of ground apple seeds contains enough cyanide to kill a human. Smoothie anyone?”

15. On the hunt.

“Killer whales and dolphins can learn to communicate with one another and form hunting parties together.”

16. Don’t go in the water.

“The release of the film JAWS had such an impact upon people’s view of the ocean that the professional association of diving instructors PADI reported that their numbers had dropped by somewhere around 60%.”

17. A dairy lover.

“Fidel Castro loved dairy so much that he invested in trying to breed a cow that could survive in the climate of Cuba and still produce a lot of milk.

He failed over and over for years until one day a cow that was exactly to his specifications. She produced obscene, record breaking amounts of milk even for a regular cow and could live in Cuba’s sweltering climate.

There were regular updates on her health in the Cuban national newspaper and he loved her so much that when she died he erected a huge marble statue of her in her honor.”

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