People Share Their First-World Problems and They’re Pretty Entertaining


Sometimes admitting your first-world problems can make you feel like a privileged a-hole, but you know that you can relate to some of these, right?

And if not, at least they make for some good laughs.

AskReddit users revealed their first-world problems and I dare you not to chuckle…or maybe roll your eyes.

1. No!

“I have a friend who lives in a house that’s so big that they need 3 wifi extenders.”

2. Not staying at this dump

“My late grandmother once refused to stay at a luxury rental apartment because it didn’t have a bellhop.”

3. Hard times

“Where to park their second boat.

The guy was upgrading his boat but whoever was picking up his old one hadn’t come in time leaving him with two temporarily.

Hard times.”

4. No hard work for me

“A friend hates his job and shopped around for other ones. He received a couple offers but doesn’t want to change because he’ll have to work harder.”

5. The American dream is not dead

“A friend and I were driving around one day when he got a call, from his vacuum, that it was stuck in his house. It had driven off into a shower stall and couldn’t climb the ledge to get out.

There are kids starving in Africa, and he got a distress call from his vacuum. And people say the American dream is dead.”

6. A real conundrum

“I’m hungry, but there’s nothing to watch while I eat. Or rather, there’s tons of things to watch, but if I start watching a new show I’ll want to watch it to the end and I’m not sure which one to pick.”

7. That’s too far

“When my housekeepers are cleaning up a room I’m in I have to walk all the way to another room.”

8. What is this world coming to?

“When I want something from Amazon and it isn’t available on Prime so I have to wait a few extra days for shipping.”

9. This is bullsh*t

“I got in an argument with my car because it couldn’t understand my voice commands.

To be fair to the car, I got harder to understand between all the cursing.”

10. I will pray for you

“There was too much food in the fridge already, so I had no room to put my leftover food.”

11. Look busy

“There’s nothing to do at work, but I still have to look busy.”

12. Useless

“The motor burned out in my electric garbage can so now it’s just a normal garbage can.”

13. That’s how it is

“My in-laws came to visit us, in Amsterdam. Their hotel was too small so they demanded a different room. Got the room but the view wasn’t as nice, demanded yet another room. But of course a big enough room with the view they wanted wasn’t available, and we got to hear aaaall about it. The Amsterdam part is important. Space is small everywhere, that is just how it is.”

14. Oh the humanity

“The black on my television doesn’t get black enough.”

15. That is rough

“When I make a turn but it wasn’t a full enough turn to make my blinker turn off, so I have to manually turn it off.”