People Share Their Juiciest Little Secrets That They’ve Finally Confessed

I love the sort of questions on Reddit that get really juicy answers – because even though you have to assume that the people around you are keeping secrets, you’ll probably never know what sort unless they decide to confess.

They might be funny or sad, old or new, life-changing or something they need to let go – and these 15 people are giving us all a peek behind their little curtains today.

So enjoy!

15. He saw it all.

I was able to read all the email exchanges at my last company and no one had any idea.

My boss made the mistake of giving me the PW and UN for our administration account (so I could fix some printer network issue or some other dumb s*%t like that), i was able to remote into our exchange server and I saw EVERYTHING and boy was my boss f**ked in the head….so was HR and my manager.

I saw when people where going to be fired, when people took credit for my coworkers ideas, when managers s*%t talked employees, and what people’s salaries were.

It was the highlight on my day to login and see what dramathon ensued from the f** kwads running the place.

14. That’s quite the burden.

5yr old me ruined my parents marriage. I distinctly remember finding what I now know is a condom(unused) in our old station wagon. Me not knowing any better began playing with it. Got done tossed it in the trash. Fast forward a short time later.

My father returns home and begins to drag the can to the road. As he closes the lid he notices said condom and you can guess where it goes from there.

I didn’t learn that was the reason until I was about 14-15.

13. A wholesome secret.

My parents (who live across the country) send my 6-yr old daughter checks in the mail for her b-day, Christmas etc. They are elderly and don’t use Amazon – they’d rather she buy something that she really wants (and she enjoys the trips to the toy store).

So when a card arrives, I tell her Grandma and Grandpa sent her $50 or $100 and that she can buy a toy or something she wants with it.

My secret is that I pay for the toy and I deposit the check in the savings account I set up for her when she was born. She has a few thousand dollars in there now!

12. Both must be pretty common secrets.

I’m not as smart as I pretend to be.

Or maybe I feel like I’m not as smart as I used to be.

11. They’re getting by.

Colour blind =Painter & Decorator Thank you for mix codes .

Customer what do think of this one.? Oh yes it’s perfect

10. Good job, human.

I know exactly the rules for helping the children in my public education classroom but I still bring cold kids coats, hungry kids food, kids with terrible shoes better shoes, and hugs/long conversations for any child that asks.

If any admin is pissed I’m giving a apple and a sandwich to a kid, I claim ignorance, the school system is so strained they won’t fire me so I am doing what I can during this time.

9. Classic revenge.

My ex-husband left, no warning, cheated pretended I didn’t exist. 1 year later he wants the sofa because he bought it!

Due to the lock-down happing just after his request, he had to wait a while before he could pick it up. I proceeded to have sex all over that sofa, throughout lockdown, with new boyfriend!

Ex now has the sofa back.

8. They definitely know.

I’ve seen both of my sisters in law naked.

I accidentally walked in on my brother’s wife whilst she was changing. I didn’t realise she was in the room and just walked in. She knows it was me but we’ve both just pretended that didn’t happen.

My wifes sister asked me to fix her laptop as it wasnt working. Turns out it hadn’t had a windows update for nearly 4 years and was filled with all description of bloatware and malware (she had 4 address bars on her browser) and her pretty explicit nudes in prime position in her Downloads folder.

I returned her laptop in working condition with a new folder named “Private”. So yeah she knows I saw them, but no-one else does

7. That’s quite a story.

In my childhood (5th or 6th grade) while eating my breakfast before leaving for school I would keep little chewed food inside my mouth and when I walk to the school bus stand I would drink a sip of water and just when I sat in the bus I would vomit it out so that I could be sent back home for feeling unwell.

I used to repeat this in couple of month specially the day I didn’t feel like going to school at all sometime to watch cricket match.

6. She needed the win.

I lost the school spelling bee on purpose. The girl I was against put a lot of time and effort into it, whereas I basically just showed up. Plus, she was more on the nerdy side, not a lot going outside of school… and I felt she needed a victory.

She missed a word, I purposefully missed it to keep her in. This happened a few times. Later, I missed one on purpose to give her the victory. She went on to the state competition.

The teacher giving the words threw me a look of disgust, as she knew what I did. Oh well…

5. A complicated situation.

I accidentally made a guy pee all over the walls and floor of a bathroom by walking in on him, I saw his bare ass and pants down to the ground, and I backed out literally a split second later. He had turned around to see who walked in but I was so quick that he didn’t see me.

Later on he told his friends with a shaky voice that he thought a ghost walked in on him and he was so afraid that he couldn’t help but turn around and face the door.

That bathroom was particularly rumored to be haunted and was in a building centuries old. I didn’t tell him it was me because he would know I saw his full moon.

4. The best story here.

I have a kitten I’m feeding without my wife’s knowledge. She hates cats and I found one on the street. Every night before I go home I stop by the store and get cat food. She always asks me why I come home late every other night. I say I’m working. Or out with the guys, but I sit and talk to this stray cat about my problems and how my day was. I named her senua. From senuas sacrifice.

UPDATE Thank you all for the amazing support lol, I didn’t dream this would blow up. I’m currently heading out with a box from Walmart and some old towels and blankets to pick the cat up and move it closer to our house, I just want to make sure she’s safe and out the cold. Gonna run it by the wife and see what she says! Thank you all for the encouraging comments and the amazingly funny ones too!

UPDATE 2 Thank you everyone for the amazing support, and the amazing advice!! I know a few of you (good number) told me not to use blankets but straw and i confirmed it with the seller and he said 100% true. I didn’t find her when I went back the night so I left the box there. When I came back today I saw her loitering around and took her with me. For now she said she’ll be a little more open with the idea so that’s a good thing. Currently senua is at my friend’s house sleeping in a warm and safe location. Monday she’ll take her to the vet to get checked out and hopefully we can move forward from there. I was stressing out because I couldn’t find her last night but I felt a wave of relief when she popped up today. Once again thank you for all the wonderful comments and advice! Goes to show the internet isn’t such a dark place.

Side note when I got her in the truck she climbed out the box and sat on my lap the entire ride up the 85N. She did that little thing where they purr softly and I almost lost it lol.

Hopefully I can convince my wife to make her a permanent addition, if not I’ll love her from a distance until I can convince her other wise. I’ll be taking a bunch of pics of her and uploading them. But once again THANK YOU ALL!!

3. I think everyone already knows that.

It wasn’t a mistake when the phone company charged my parents $12.95 for phone sex back in 1989.

2. It’s a freeing thought.

I am probably gonna quit my job without notice soon.

1. Take a deep breath.

About a week before Christmas I bought a disposable weed vape and started using it a few times a week at night after I put the kids to bed. It has legitimately helped me overcome depression.

I still haven’t told my wife that is part of what I am doing when I go play video games before coming to bed. She is pretty anti-drug, but not for any historical reason – quite the opposite, its more of an unknown to her.

I know I need to have a conversation about it with her, but I just don’t know how to start it.

People are hilarious and also heartbreaking, don’t you think?

What juicy secret have you been holding onto for awhile? Share it with us in the comments – mum’s the word!