People Share Times When They Decided They Were Done Being Good and Did Something Bad

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Sometimes in life, you just gotta be the bad boy or bad girl for once.

You know what I mean?

I think you do, because we’ve all pretty much been there at one point or another…

Are you ready to hear some of these stories?

AskReddit users went on the record and shared their personal experiences.

1. Snapped.

“A few years ago I took a day trip to the beach with a bunch of people.

We got to the beach at 9am and stayed until 4. At this particular beach there is a beach restaurant and bar that has a dj and dance floor. As we were packing up I noticed the couple we drove up was still at the bar.

I asked my SO to go get them and I’d head to the car to start cooling it off thinking it would be nice for everyone else to get into a cool car rather than a boiling one. When they got to the car the girlfriend was drunk and being a bitch.

For 15 minutes she complained how we “ditched them” at the beach and how rude we were and just on and on while I’m driving them home.

Now I’m a generally laid back person but I couldn’t believe how selfish and entitled she was being and it was directed at me. So I lost it on her and basically screamed that if I had ditched them at the beach they would still be there not in my car and if she wanted to continue to be a bitch she and her boyfriend could get out and take an uber home.

She shut up and didnt say another word the remainder of the drive. Her boyfriend thanked me for the ride and apologized when I dropped them off. She apologized the next day as well.

But it gets brought up now and then becuase it was so out of character for me to snap like that.”

2. Got suspended.

“Middle school.

New kid named… Kyle was already bugging everyone. Oh, and some background. He was from Kentucky and he gotten expelled from 5 schools. He was known for being really rude, especially to the girls/ women. He was saying stuff like “women should be in the kitchen” and all that. But that wasn’t it.

He would bully everyone, think he was all the shit, etc. The day after he arrived he kept looking at my test for answers. He literally was crazy. He was whispering “I know you’re covering it. I’m just trying to torture you.” I don’t know what he had said but I snapped. I turned and slapped him on the face. It’s a bit of a blur but here’s what I recall was ALOT of yelling and cussing.


He shut up and I got suspended. However after I told my dad he wasn’t mad. He was proud? He said he didn’t like my language and seemed pretty mad but said that he was glad I stood up for myself. Kinda mixed messages.

At least I got him to shut up for the rest of the year and was known as the “cool kid” for a week.”

3. Cult activity.

“Where I live a religious cult is allowed to load a van with speakers and go about town spreading music and their message. obviously it’s a nightmare, so one time while smoking in my balcony I threw my glass tea cup (full of discarded cigarettes) at the truck.

It hit the van and there was some shouting ,so I quickly hid and scurried back inside. I think they came around the building knocking on some doors but nothing else happened.

it felt good to finally take a shot at those crazy mofos.”

4. Do it for Mom.

“Mum’s doctor called me when he couldn’t reach her. She had appendicitis and needed to go to hospital (it ended up being gangrenous and she had two infections).

I drove like those assholes in BMWs to get to her house where she was sleeping and not looking great.

I wasn’t proud of it, it’s illegal, but I would do it again.

Just as a note I didn’t do anything dangerous. I sped in open lanes and used bus lanes, overtook etc. Nothing to risk anyone else or myself. Wasn’t Tokyo Drift or something.”

5. At the grocery store.

“When I worked as a grocery bagger, the bosses would have us clean and sanitize the butcher shop. It took about an hour. They could pay us $8 an hour to do it, or pay the journeyman meat cutter his hourly wage, so of course they chose us.

It was such shit work, and being younger than 18 I wasn’t really supposed to be working around that specific area (knives, cutting machines, etc.) Customers would come during the process and want something from the case, and we would have to stop what we were doing, grab the item, weigh it, package it, and price it for them.

I didn’t want to do it. I was good at it, though, so I started getting scheduled specifically so I could do the cleaning. After weeks of this I had enough. I packaged and sold several choice cuts of meat to friends for the price of ground beef. We had an incredible backyard barbeque and it cost us less than $20 for all of the steak. No one ever figured it out.

I also caused a major disturbance by printing out a custom $999 bar code sticker and putting it on a can of Pringles. Apparently when you scan and void something that totals over a thousand dollars after taxes it throws up several red flags and requires a system override by fancy corporate people.”

6. Uh oh.

“I’ve been the good asian kid all of high school. Year 12, final year, I tried extra hard to get a good admissions ranking (ATAR in Australia) final week of school we have a day called muck up day in Aussie tradition, some of my mates went to the school at night to put up silly pictures, zip tie lockers shut and glad wrap some doors.

It was going well and good until some other idiots showed up and egged the school, emptied the bins everywhere, superglued the doors and burned down a table. What’s worse they filmed themselves and ended up getting all of us caught. Got suspended from graduation which my typical asian mum was not happy with.

There was a huge petition to unsuspend us but all it did was let the local news know about us. So now whenever anyone asks about which high school I graduated from they always follow up with the question, weren’t you guys the ones who vandalised the school?”

7. Dine and ditch.

“Went to a restaurant and had ordered a pretty decent amount of food and drinks (Probably over $60).

Asked my waiter multiple times for the check, and he was always was like “Yeah, I’ll get that” then 5 minutes later he would be chatting with his coworkers or helping another table. After about 45 minutes I just got up and left.”

8. Vandalizing.

“I keyed the side of a car.

I had just parked and a family pulls up to the slot beside me. When the kids opened the car doors they slammed them into my car. I stepped out to talk to them and the whole family basically started running away without saying a word or even looking back.

I went to run my errand then quickly got back out and keyed across the side of their car before I left.

Might have been excessive but it felt very good.”

9. Getting scandalous!

“I slept with my ex boyfriend’s brother after he broke up with me by telling me I was fat and then sleeping with a girl who he insisted was just his friend.

The look on his face when we passed each other on my way to the bathroom from his brother’s room at 2AM gave me like a half an orgasm.”

10. Goody two-shoes.

“Goody two-shoes honor roll type kid growing up, if a bit argumentative lol.

Parents mistook teenage depression/insomnia as drug use when I accidentally backed into their car (they usually parked next to me but for some reason decided to park behind me that particular morning, not an excuse but at 5:30 in the morning half awake to go to work I didn’t even see it).

Store bought test gave a false positive for I have no clue what. Was grounded for months until lab results came back. Decided I was therefore entitled to double jeopardy and did all the drugs I could get my hands on lol.

Thankfully a passing and brief phase haha.”

11. Hard times.

“Working minimum wage in a supermarket. Was broke. I hit bad times.

Boss hates most his employees and treats them like they aren’t worth anything. Up to that point i was a pretty decent employee. But at one point I figured, fuck this. I started stealing from the store( snacks, fruits etc..)

I later realized that I wasn’t the only one. A lot of people didn’t care anymore either and were doing as bad as I was. I dont work there anymore. But I never got caught.

Some did though and got fired immediately.”

12. Standing up to Dad.

“Basically my dad has been abusive for as long as I can remember (e.g. he has some naked pics of me somewhere and got my sister hospitalized once).

One day, we were in the car and he kept interrupting every single one of my sentences while we were arguing and I was trying to ask me to explain my rationale (which he asked me to do).

I accidentally dropped a quiet f-bomb out of frustration, so he tried to slap me while pinching my thigh and tried to push me out the car.

I punched him in the face. His mouth was a bit bloody after that.”

13. Rotten fish.

“Caught my now ex wife sleeping with a married dude. Moved her out into an apartment. Not two days later i was on my way home which is also the same road her new apartment was on and i saw his truck in her driveway.

Instead of going home i went to the grocery store and bought a couple whole salmons from the fresh fish dept and went back to the apartment, crawled underneath the truck and put the fish up in his bumper amd one frozen one behind the back seat (door was unlocked) knowing that they will rot in the heat the next few days.

His wife text me a few days later “very funny”. He ended up having to buy a new truck because he couldnt get the stink out.”

14. Bully.

“I can’t remember exactly how old I was but around 10ish. and we had a neighborhood bully. He would try to pee on us, he attempted to shoot us with a bb gun. He always was just so controlling. Sometimes he would be nice and we would play with him, because of his sister.

I was at another friend’s house, and he came over to her yard insisted we stopped playing. We had an old big wheel and was going down the hillside in it. I told him it wasn’t his yard or his toy and if he didn’t want to play with us to leave. My friend was shocked, but I was just over it with him. He told me if I went down the hill in the big wheel 1 more time he would fight me.

Down the hill, I went and he got so mad. My friend was in fear for one he was just a few months younger than me and even for a girl, I was really tiny for my age. He shoved me to the ground and started yelling at me pinned me and wouldn’t let me off the ground he grabbed my leg and I think he was trying to bend it in a painful position but I kept moving and I wouldn’t let him.

My friend was afraid he was going to break my leg, but he never even hurt me. I was overpowered by him and although he wasn’t hurting me I got fed up and I bit his leg. He looked at me, started crying and cussed me out. He ran home to his mom. It was so satisfying.

I found out he got in trouble because he told his mom exactly what happened he got grounded for trying to fight me and also got grounded longer because I tore a hole in his pants and they were new school pants he had been told multiple times to stop wearing. He was never mean to me or my other friends after that.”

15. Defending her honor.

“In high school, my friends and I would hang out over by the bleachers of one of the baseball fields, pretty far from the quad and most of the other kids. We were sitting in a circle on the grass just talking, and some freshmen we didn’t know started chasing each other around and almost kicked our stuff a few times.

My friend said nicely “hey, can you please be careful?” and one of the kids sneered at her and said “why? Like your fat ass could catch me.” (She was a bigger girl).

Before I even processed my own reaction, I immediately stood up and sucker punched him in the side of the head. He dropped like a sack of potatoes and started yelling. He ran over to his other friends, one of whom was apparently his older brother, trying to get them to come beat me up. But the brother just shrugged and said “you were being a dick, you deserved it.”

My friend was grateful for “defending her honor” and the kid I punched never bothered us again.”

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