People Share What Actors and Actress Instantly Ruin a Movie for Them


I can’t wait to read the responses to this question!

Because we all have certain actors and actresses who instantly ruin a movie-watching experience for us.

Take a look at these responses from AskReddit users and share your own picks with us in the comments!

1. Not Vinnie Barbarino!

“John Travolta post 2000.

As soon as I see him I know I’m in for a mediocre performance at best.”

2. Strong feelings about this one.

“Elisabeth Moss.

The hypocrisy of her starring in The Handmaid’s Tale and also being a practicing Scientologist is too much for me.

Also, she looks just like an ex-girlfriend who dumped me.”

3. Not a big fan.

“Ruby Rose makes me want shoot myself. She was in John Wick 2 and I hated it.”

4. Not hitting the mark.


Hollywood is determined to make her a leading lady but her acting is just awful.”

5. Not feeling it.

“Katherine Heigl.

I just don’t think she is a good actress.

I literally had to stop watching Suits because she is such a disaster of an actress.

Her “indignant” is the same as … basically everything else. Just, no.”

6. Mic drop.

“Jaden Smith – no explanation needed.”

7. Not a fan of the whining.

“Shailene Woodley.

I was in middle school when Secret Life of the American Teenager came out and her character, the lead, was so whiney and unlikeable that it’s ruined everything she’s done since.”

8. Annoyed to the max.

“Michelle Rodriguez.

She always gets typed cast as the most annoying “I’m not like all the other girls, I’m one of the guys” type character and it annoys the shit out of me.”

9. Tell us how you really feel…

“Lena Dunham.

Insufferable, entitled, hypochondriac, attention-seeking brat that basically just plays herself. Bleh.”

10. How’d you forget?

“How has Jennifer Lopez not been mentioned yet?

I swear, I start falling asleep whenever she appears on screen.”

11. Deuce Bigelow.

“Rob Schneider.

To top it off, he’s also an anti-vaxxer.”

12. Over it.

“Rebel Wilson.

Kind of over the whole “clumsy and awkward fat girl” trope.”

13. A fall from grace.

“Johnny Depp.

I used to enjoy his movies but now I hate seeing him in anything.

I couldn’t even watch the latest Harry Potter universe movie because of him.”

14. Still stuck in Bel Air.

“Will Smith.

He plays himself and ruins my suspension of disbelief. I don’t see his character, I see Will Smith.”

15. Two choices.

“Tom Cruise. I concede that he is a good actor. I used to enjoy his movies. However, his Scientology involvement and his general attitude in real life are so off putting and disturbing to me that I can no longer enjoy a movie that he is in.

Gwyneth Paltrow is almost at that point for me now. The more she talks in real life, the more overpriced pseudoscientific and dangerous crap she peddles, the harder it is to watch her in a movie because I kind of want to backhand her across the mouth. Shame, too, because she’s a good actress.”

So, I have to disagree with a few of these. I enjoy Tom Cruise, and Beyonce is the queen. Oh, and Gwyneth is pretty okay too.

But the rest? Yeah… pass.

What about you? Have any actors that just KILL the mood to watch if you see them?

Let us know in the comments!