People Share What Fictional Couples Should Have Never Gotten Together


Do you ever watch a movie or a TV show and think to yourself, “Wow, what the hell are those two people doing together?”


AskReddit users open up and reveal what fictional couples they think should never have gotten intimate.

1. Okay…

“Zeus and most of the animals he ends up banging.”

2. That ’70s Show

“Jackie and Fez. So f*cking awkward! She should have stayed with Hyde.”

3. Not a good match

“Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan.”

4. Sad face…

“Romeo and Juliet… Stupid kids.”

5. Right on the money

“Kermit and Miss Piggy. He has depth and is kind and observant and she’s a superficial, abusive narcissist. And they’re interspecies so reproduction is impossible/ high stakes.”

6. Gettin’ historical

“Paris and Helen of Troy!”

7. Just all of them

“The Lannisters.”

8. Rick and Morty

“Bird Person and Tammy.

It was a huge mistake. F*ck Tammy.”

9. In a galaxy far, far away

“Anakin and Padme.”

10. Toxic

“House and Cuddy.”

11. A dangerous combo

“Dexter and Deb.”

12. Uh uh

“Buffy and Riley. Ugh.”

13. Strange…

“Jonathan and Nancy from Stranger Things. I was happy they didn’t force the ”pretty girl leaves supposed douchebag boyfriend for the socially awkward boy” trope during the first season but they f*cked it up in the subsequent season.

Steve is the man.”

14. Hey-o!

“Oedipus and his mom.”

15. Cringeworthy

“Carrie and Mr. Big.”