People Share What Happened to the People Who Took Their Virginity


Do you remember the person who took your virginity? Do you know whatever happened to them? Heck, maybe you’re still with them…

AskReddit users shared what happened to the people who took their V Card.

Share your story in the comments if you’re brave enough!

1. Sad.

“He died in a car accident about 15 years ago. I found out when I was cyber stalking people from my past and found his obituary. It was quite sad finding that out. Just wasn’t the expected outcome of that particular internet search.”

2. Don’t do drugs.

“I saw her at a parade a while back. She had a couple of kids and looked rougher than I remembered. Meth will do that.”

3. Still in good standing.

“She’s an attorney. She gave me some advice when I wanted to adopt a few years ago. Sweet girl, and still gorgeous 20-something years later.”

4. No need to dig up the past.

“Man, haven’t seen her since she moved out and divorced me 5 years ago. I honestly have no idea what she’s up to, but I actually hope she’s found help for her mental illnesses and is generally happy.

But she can stay wherever she is, I don’t need to see her again.”

5. That’s terrible.

“She killed herself 13 years ago. She was a great person.”

6. Not a pretty picture.

“She married some military dude, and had a hard life. Last I found her on Facebook she was promoting a GoFundMe so she could get new teeth. Had recently lost everything in a house fire. Has a couple of kids.”

7. I still wonder…

“He passed away at 19 after suffering a seizure in his sleep. We’d broken up about 6 months before.

Its been 10 years, but every once in a while I still wonder who he’d be today.”

8. In the basement.

“Cheated on me, got fat, had a kid, cheated on that guy, had another kid, cheated on that guy, and now lives in her mom’s basement.”

9. Good luck.

“Single mom, 30 years old, with two kids. She seems like she’s a terrific mom and tries the best she can with limited resources. Thanks for the memories, Olivia, and good luck.”

10. Right here.

“Sitting next to me eating Spaghetti O’s out of a pyrex bowl. Not because of a lack of better food or bowls, but because he like it and the pyrex is the biggest glass bowl.”

11. Doing well.

“I ran into her on the street not too long ago. She’s engaged and seems to be doing well otherwise too. Still drop dead gorgeous as well.”

12. Oh boy…

“She married the next guy she dated. Had 2 kids and moved to Boston. He cheated on her with another dude and left her recently.”

13. Ugh!

“In jail for child abuse and recording it.”

14. It’s all good.

“We are still decent friends for the last 19 years, she recently got married to a very nice guy and they have good careers in tech. I am very happy for them.”

15. Awwwwwww.

“I see her almost every day. She’s my wife after all.”