People Share What Is a Lot Unhealthier Than Folks Might Think

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It can be extremely difficult to know what’s healthy and what is NOT healthy out there.

That goes for food, drinks, supplements, pretty much everything.

There’s a lot of misinformation when it comes to what really is good for you and what isn’t.

Well, we’re all in luck, because we’re about to get some information from a bunch of different folks online!

Here are some interesting takes from people on AskReddit.

1. Read the labels.

“Nutrition bars and yogurt.

Many have greater than 30g (1 tsp of sugar = 4.2 grams) which is almost the same as a 12 oz coke (which has 32 grams of sugar).”

2. Never works.

“Speedy weight loss.

Some folks will do a ton of cardio and starve themselves of calories. They absolutely demolish their muscle mass, kill their metabolism, and end up with nutritional deficiencies.

I have friends who’ve ended up in the hospital – and they honestly thought they were minding their health in the best way(s) possible.”

3. Enough is enough.

“Alcohol is highly addictive, and alcohol can cause serious liver and kidney problems. But most importantly, alcohol significantly increases the likelihood of developing cancer.

In 2012, 5,5% of all cancer cases was relaties to alcohol (770.000 cases), of which 480.000 people died. (5,8% of cancer deaths.)

These numbers are significantly higher in the West pacific, Europe and South East Asia.”

4. So gross.

“Posting negative troll comments.

It seriously accomplishes nothing and affects the overall mood of everyone involved, which of course promotes having an unhealthy life.”

5. Overworked.

“The modern workweek.

It’s insane that survival is so easy now (in relative caloric costs as compared to previous eras in history), but we’re still laboring so much on a daily basis.”

6. So bad for you.

“”Energy” drinks. I know most people know they are unhealthy, but i don’t think many know just how bad it is

. I used to load up on the stuff to do my old job as a support worker for adults with learning difficulties. High stress job and you are on the go all the time.

I chugged the stuff and didn’t think nothing of it as when i wasn’t working i didn’t drink it so i gave myself a “break”. As i was wired i didn’t notice the warning signs of how this sh*t was effecting me. I didn’t eat right as the fizzy crap kept me full, my heart was pumping away, didn’t sleep right etc.

My weight plummeted, i guessed as i was so active. All good?! Nope. At 36 i had at least one heart attack and now have 2 stents fitted, largely contributed by drinking so much of that stuff and a unhealthy ligestyle. Apart from my morning coffee, that’s it. Caffeine and extreme amounts is addictive and lethal.

Should be illegal.”

7. Turn it off.

“Watching p*rn.

It completely rewires your reward system so you no longer get aroused nor motivated to be with real people, and it’s linked to erectile dysfunction, depression and lower self esteem.

It also produces changes in the prefrontal cortex similar to those of coke addicts.”

8. Codependent.

“Codependency leading to isolation in relationships.

Whether it be a couple or perhaps a nuclear family.

We are social creatures and need greater human connection in our day to day life.”

9. Make sure to chew!

“Not chewing food enough.

The enzymes in saliva help break down food before it hit the stomach so the longer it’s exposed to them, the more nutrients we absorb from what we eat.

Swallowing too early contributes to an inefficient gut biome and that’s the first line of defense for the immune system.”

10. Gotta brush ’em!

“Not brushing your teeth every day.

I know people who’d leave 1-3 day gaps in between when they brushed their teeth thinking that it’s nothing and won’t make a difference.

Many of them now have fillings, dentures, breath problems etc.

Brush your teeth twice every day!”

11. Packed with sugar.


The amount of sugar in it is much higher than people think it is.

And high fructose for too long can have some really nasty effects on your body.”

12. Avoid it when possible.

“Processed meat.

It’s been put on the same level as smoking in terms of long term medical problems by the WHO.”

13. Thoughts on this one?


Holy moly I have not taken care of myself properly in 5 years and never been more stressed.

Lots of love in my heart but I’d say I’m peak unhealthy.”

14. Too much water.


Yes, water is the source of life and sh*t, but there is a point where ”too much water” is a thing, and I don’t mean that Pokemon meme.

And I’m not talking about drowning either.

You can actually die from drinking too much water.”

15. Totally overdoing it.

“American breakfasts.

When you take a step back and look at what you’re eating, pancakes and waffles are essentially just fried cake batter.

All that syrup isn’t helping.”

16. Some is good…


Some stress is good and keeps you alive and motivated but most people live with so much stress it has adverse affects on their health.

Make sure you pick your battles, don’t let every single thing you do in a day stress you out.”

Now it’s your turn!

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