These Things Are a Lot More Unhealthy Than Most People Realize

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How much time do many people really have to spend researching on what’s good for them and what’s bad? What’s healthy and what’s unhealthy?

Sometimes, it can feel like a full-time job reading reviews and checking out other peoples’ opinions about that kind of stuff.

And there are a lot of things out there that people THINK are healthy, but they really aren’t.

What’s a lot unhealthier than people think?

AskReddit users weighed in with their opinions.

1. Not so good.

“I once saw a chart showing the disparity of what average people thought about the healthiness of an item versus a group of nutritionists.

The biggest disparity by far was granola bars. Which made sense…”

2. Too much sitting.

“Sitting. The desk job kind.

Just a couple of years on a slightly off center cushion on an office chair can give you chronic lower back pain.

It’s a b*tch going through the process of strengthening your lower back again.”

3. Bring on the sugar!

“Fruit juice.

Big Sugar: Let me introduce myself.”

4. So bad.

“Anxiety: the effects are physical as well.

As someone who comes from a family prone to high blood pressure anyway, it is a constant concern.

I thought my anxiety wasn’t that bad until I was asked to give an impromptu lecture/explanation in college to the students. My hands, voice and entire lower body (from the toes to the hips) started shaking.

Though the professor commended my efforts, I needed some time to relax back to normal.”

5. Just do it the other way.

“Non-fat packaged foods.

You’d be much better off eating the fat that was already there rather than eating all the sugar that replaced it.”

6. Lay off.

“Starbucks….some Frappuccinos have 70 GRAMS of sugar.”

7. Get that sleep!

“Staying up late.

People tend to downplay the risks of not getting enough sleep because they’re not immediately evident.”

8. Let it all out.

“Bottling up your emotions because you’re afraid to open up.

I suffer from this.

I opened up sometimes but it bored people or worse, angered them to see me reach out in the worst stages of depression. I’ve been broken up with, ghosted and bullied because of it. I’m now terrified to speak up.

Because of this my condition has worsened and I live terrified every day that one slip is all that it will take for me to lose the few people I have left in my life.

Fun stuff.”

9. False advertising?

“Fat free food.

Usually has a bunch of added sugar instead.”


“Mommy wine culture.

Stop drinking away your problems and glorifying alcoholism.”

11. Too much sugar.

“I feel like people don’t know how important their diet actually is.

Simply reducing sugar a little seems to be a huge deal for some people and I think that really shows how unhealthy sugar actually is if you’re having withdrawal symptoms like tiredness and headaches from it.

They’ll just treat it like a normal thing to give kids loads of sugar at all times, give them fruit for once. And sugar alternatives and sweets ‘without sugar’ are even worse as the alternative works as a d*mn laxative.

People should know what’s in their food.”

12. Neither is good.

“Being underweight or overweight.

At a certain point you are too skinny or too overweight and you need to talk to a doctor and dietician.

Some natural variation from person to person is normal, but you shouldn’t be super skinny or super overweight.

It will never be healthy.”

13. Not great for you.


Smoking any plant matter releases carcinogens and messes with your lungs.

Also has been linked to decreased brain development in frequent users under 25.”

14. You need a break.

“Looking at screens for hours on end. Especially harmful when its only a few inches from your face.

Put it down and go to bed.”

15. It’s not good for you.


Whether it’s food, drugs, or a huge crush, obsessions are really dangerous and can warp your mind so you don’t correctly value real-life stuff.”

What do you think is much more unhealthy than people realize?

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