People Who Work the Night Shift Discuss the Paranormal Activity They’ve Experienced on the Job

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I would never, ever work the night shift at a business…at least not alone…

There’s too many things that could go wrong…and I’ve seen way too many horror movies to be able to relax.

And I legitimately think it would be terrifying to work in a place like a gas station or a convenience store overnight. No thank you!

But a lot of people do work nights…and they’ve seen some stuff.

Let’s get spooky with some stories from AskReddit users.

1. At the 7-11.

“I worked at a 7/11. One night I kept hearing what sounded like a little girl crying, but the store was completely empty.

Whenever I’d go the the area where I thought it was coming from, I’d hear it from somewhere else.

I hope somebody was messing with me but I’m not sure…”

2. The scene of the crime.

“A lab building where I once worked was the site of a murder-suicide (which happened while I was there! Awful and sad).

We didn’t have “shifts” per se, but I had to work late one night autoclaving equipment for the next day’s experiment. The autoclave room is right next to the lab where the event took place. I hadn’t seen anyone else in the building. After I started the load, I was about to leave the room when I heard a crash outside.

I immediately opened the door and saw that all the contents of a table in the hallway had been pushed to the floor. Water bottles, a packet of papers, pens, etc.

Since I was right by the door at the time, I would have seen and/or heard someone running away. It was against protocol to leave things in the autoclave overnight, so I had to stay an hour and a half to get them out, but nothing else happened. I left the stuff on the floor, though.

Didn’t want a repeat of that!”

3. In the barracks.

“Night watch in the barracks at Ft Gordon. That’s a night shift, right?

Anyway, so many things happened in 3 different rooms that I could write a book. It completely changed my believe in paranormal activity. This one took place in the middle of the night so this is the one I’ll tell.

I’m sitting by the stairwell on the 2nd floor and hear someone shouting in a room down a hallway. I’m on duty so I run to the room and swing open the door expecting to see some fighting.

There are several people in this room pointing up to the ceiling next to a wall and telling me, “They’re doing it again!” I ask them to explain and they tell me that ever since they moved into that room someone lifts up the ceiling tiles and makes funny faces at them at night.

The latrine is on the other side of the wall so I go over to see if anyone is there and there isn’t. So I climb onto a desk in the room to lift up the ceiling tiles to see if they’re still up there. When I lift up the ceiling tiles all I see is a cinder block wall that goes all the way to the floor above.

There’s only about an inch between the back of the ceiling tile and the wall. No way a face was there. 2 of the soldiers freaked out and ran out of the room and slept in the hallway.

This was only the first of many incidents.”

4. At the movie theater.

“Worked at a movie theater running the booths upstairs. The projectors are upstairs (obviously) in a long corridor.

At night, after the last showing in each theater, you shut off the lights to that theater and the small one over the projector itself. Then you cover the platters to protect from dust.

It’s not so bad the first few, because at least the lights of nearby projectors are still on for the theaters that are still running.

But…as you shut each one off one by one, the corridor gets darker and darker and that little viewing window into each individual theater is pitch black.

That dull, steady whirring noise you’ve toned out all night is gone and is now replaced by absolute silence and there’s hardly any light left anymore. Just the lights at the end of each corridor where you sit in between each start time.

It’s spooky enough is what I’m saying.

But one particular night, I’m throwing the covers over one of the platters and I casually glance up into the viewing theater window across the way.

And there’s a face. It’s a little boys face and it’s sheet white.

I know what I saw. I’m sure there’s an explanation for it and there’s nothing supernatural about it, but there WAS a face there and it scared the absolute sh*t out of me. It made an already unsettling environment that much more terrifying the rest of the time I worked there.

Also for the record, inside the actual theater, these windows are a solid 8-10 feet above the seatbacks in the highest row. So, if someone was playing a prank, they’d need a ladder and even then they’d have nowhere to set it.”

5. Holy moly…

“I work the front gate at a military installation. I noticed this dark green old Ford Bronco that would roll up.

When I would stand out the gate shack, the car would do a 180 and leave. This happened 3 times until I finally caught the license plate. I ran the numbers to my supervisor. He asked me if I was sure. I said I’m 100% certain.

He tells me it couldn’t be because the numbers are from a vehicle crash report that involved THE EXACT SAME VEHICLE and plate number to which the driver had died and the vehicle and the vehicle was totaled.

That made me want to switch to days.”

6. In the kitchen.

“Used to work at IHOP. A cook before my time got shot and died during robbery.

I would always hear someone in the kitchen such as the spatulas clanking but nobody would be in the kitchen. Once I saw black figure in the back figured it was the cook, when I went outside to the front of the restaurant, the cook was sitting outside smoking. There was no current orders either.

Other coworkers experienced some stories. One of them said she felt pushed but I can’t speak on what I didn’t see.”

7. Down in the mine.

“I worked in a mine in Northern Ontario.

There was a death on the 4200 level a couple years previous to the incident. It was a normal day underground like any other. We were rehabbing a old working that had collapsed. 4200 level was big, the drifts were 6×6 feet, but go on for kilometers in every direction.

It was about midnight when we saw the mine rescue team with security rushing down the drift. Naturally we dropped what we were doing and followed to see if we could help. We arrived to a guy who was as pale as a ghost, he didn’t look hurt, but he was shaking uncontrollably.

Mine rescue approached him and he wouldn’t have it. He would scream, and not just any scream, It was terrifying hearing the screams, like a person so consumed with fear, it had a tone to it that you wouldn’t imagin could come from a person.

Eventually he just stopped screaming and just sat there, awake but non responsive. By now it was 3:30 am and our shift was over. We couldn’t leave him down there. We managed to get him on a stretcher that we could carrie out. On our way out he kept saying “the devil is on 42.” Over and over again.

About two years later, another incident report was read to us, the exact same thing, exactly the same spot, but a different person.

I don’t believe they saw the devil, but it is always in the back of my mind when I’m on 42.”

8. Ugh. Get out of there.

“When a patient buzzed and asked me to ” ask the person behind the curtain to go away “.

Fyi it was dark and everyone was in their beds.”

9. Ghost car.

“I was working at a gas station at like 3 AM one night.

A car pulled in to the pump, guy got out and started pumping, and then the car and dude just…vanished. I was looking right at it, and it just popped out of existence.

I told my boss the next day and she turned white as a sheet. She’d seen the same thing, same exact description, same car, same pump, same guy.”

10. Hotels are just plain scary.

“I worked night shift at a hotel. I also had a day job and the manager was cool and said I could sleep as long as I woke up if someone needed something.

One night, I woke up and saw a guy… Well, more of a silhouette of a guy… Staring at me through the windows of the Dutch door to the courtyard. He was really tall (6.5 ft?) And had a black duster/trenchcoat and hat.

I jumped up from the couch, put down the remote I had fallen asleep with in my hand and rushed to the door to see what he needed.

He was gone. And no sign of him anywhere in the courtyard and there were only two long, straight paths. He couldn’t even have ran that fast.

I forget about it and continue my night.

Fast forward about three weeks and my coworker is telling me about an “evil spirit” that lives in one of the rooms (all the employees knew there were at least 4 haunted rooms there, as well as the elevator. No, seriously). He started describing a tall shadowy guy. I cut him off and say “like 6 or 7 feet? Black coat and hat?” He turns white and stares at me. “You’ve seen it too?!”

I tell him what happened. And that innocent incident that night all of a sudden got super creepy.

Another time, at another job… I was getting ready to do security rounds. Roughly around 3:15am. I am whistling the Arthur movie theme song (it had just played on the radio). It was dead quiet except just crickets.

As I open the door to the patrol car, still whistling, I hear a whistle off in the bushes (the bushes on a 60ft cliff). It’s the same tune. In the same type of whistle I have (I don’t whistle normal. It’s like a “windier, not sharp kind of whistle, and much quieter). Same exact song. Same exact type of whistle.

I immediately stop. The whistling keeps going. I get into the car and book it. Take about 20 minutes longer than I normally do to get back and am super careful/nervous/paranoid when I get back.

Never saw anyone or anything. Never heard it again.

But on that note… Sometimes if I fell asleep at that job, I’d wake up to the sound of my old boss shouting my name. He used to come in about the same time that I would hear the sound and wake up. That happened pretty regularly.

The weird thing is that he had been dead for three years when it started.”

11. Bill.

“I was firmly against the idea of paranormal activity prior to working in an old folks home.

You always felt watched. Always. Even when not in view of the camera. But that was the tip of the iceberg. Several times while I was working, things would fly off the walls even though it was unprovoked.

I’m talking hand sanitizer containers that flew fifteen feet from the wall it was on, cups that were stationary on the counter and all of a sudden flew across the room, and clipboards that just happened to all fall off the walls at once, even though they were across the room from each other.

Nothing is as unsettling as Bill in 209. Bill lived in this room while he was a tenant. While someone was visiting, they stayed in room 209. The visitor came downstairs, said that Bill had come into his room, and said “don’t worry it’s just Bill!” while he was in the shower, and then asked who Bill was.

We explained that there was no one who lived or worked there named Bill. A couple days later, the same visitor was cleaning out records for the care center, where they worked. As they were doing so, they found that a resident named Bill had lived in room 209.

When they told us this story, we all heard a knock on the window and turned to look at it. As we did so, clipboards and bulletin boards flew off the wall on the opposite wall.

We’ve decided that Bill is friendly, but likes attention. He’s cool.”

12. No way I’d work there.

“While working at a psych ward, every morning at about 2 am there would be the sound of someone running down the main service hallway, followed by the same door at the end slamming.

One time I kept a close eye on the area but when I was distracted for a few seconds the footsteps began but when I got to the area there was nothing. According to one of the managers that had happened for several years, always at the same time every morning, and most believed it was a ghost of one of the deceased clients.

Another time, all the battery powered wall clocks in the unit spun around a few times simultaneously. That was freaky and everyone in the area screamed.”

13. At a recording studio…

“I used to intern in a recording studio in NYC years ago where it was technically open 24/7, meaning there was always someone there whether clients were in or not.

Anyway, it was on an upper floor of a building and due to the amount of expensive equipment inside, you could not access that floor by elevator without someone letting you up, the button for that floor was locked out so you couldn’t press it from inside the elevator.

There was a camera at the front entrance downstairs, another at the elevator entrance, and one inside the elevator, all of which could be viewed from the front desk of the studio so when people arrived you would buzz them in, wait until you saw them enter the elevator and then you would have to push the button for the studio floor to bring the elevator up.

Well anyway, one of the nights I was working the overnight shift and it was just me and another dude (doing cleaning, maintenance etc) when we hear the elevator start running at probably like 3:30 in the morning.

The whole building is all offices so really there is nobody in the building past 5-6pm besides us, so we thought it was a bit strange. The other guy looks at the cameras and there’s nothing at all, no-one in the elevator either.

So although it’s weird, we just figure someone must still be in the building and called it from a different floor. It made sense until all of a sudden we see it stop at our floor and we hear the door ding. We’re both in the lobby about 15 feet away from the elevator and we give each other the hardest “WTF” stare ever.

I can’t explain how much I didn’t want those doors to open. We stare like a deer in headlights completely motionless at the doors as they open. Nobody is there, no-one pushed the button, nothing.

We both keep staring completely still and silent and it becomes really f*cking creepy as time goes on and the doors don’t shut, as if something is standing in doorway blocking the sensor. The doors usually close after 5 seconds or so, but we stared at it for a good 20-30 seconds or so before they closed and the elevator returned back to the lobby.

We stared for a bit longer before simultaneously looking at each other and saying “what the f*ck dude!?” The next day we ask a couple of the other guys about it and one of the guys said the same thing happened to him in the middle of the night when he was by himself, he said he almost sh*t himself.

Maybe there’s a logical explanation for it (elevator malfunction, etc) but it was really damn freaky since the place was generally kinda creepy and night and there had been some other weird things.”

How about you?

Have you ever experienced any paranormal activity?

If so, please share your stories with us in the comments!