People Share What Job They’d Want if Every Occupation Paid the Same Salary

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I’ve thought about this question many times throughout my life. If every job paid the same amount of money, what job would I take? Professional bowler sounds mighty nice right about now.

AskReddit users answered that very question.

Let’s check out those now!

1. Sounds awesome

“Park Ranger in a national park.”

2. Oooohhhhh

“Travel destinations reviewer.”

3. Might be the perfect answer

“During the warmer seasons I would like to make and sell ice cream. During the colder seasons I would like to make and sell soup.”

4. The simple life

“I wanna go back to serving coffee and decorating cakes and donuts.”

5. Surrounded by flowers

“Probably being a florist. I love flowers and the art of design and would love to own a flower shop.”

6. Yes!

“Clerk in a used book store.”

7. Cool

“I would want to build those giant windmills.”

8. “Anonymous” is key

“Anonymous artist.”

9. Might be fun?

“Librarian at a college library.”

10. Doing good work

“Animal rescue.”

11. Actually, this might be mine

“Horror movie special effect artist.”

12. Okay…

“The guy who drives a tractor and mows the highway median.”

13. Always need one of those

“Really would like to open my own pub/deli.”

14. Old timey

“Blacksmith. It’s what I want to do with my life already, and I have a good start on a list of materials to start out, just no time, money, or knowledge yet.”

15. Amen!

“Dog walker or working at a doggy daycare

I just want to be with dogs all day.”

Alright, so that’s what people on the internet said… and you’re a person on the internet… so now we want to hear from you!

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