People Share What Makes Them Immediately Question Someone’s Intelligence

I know this is rude, but when I read something that a person wrote and they don’t know the difference between they’re, their, and there OR your and you’re…I kind of think they might not be the sharpest tool in the shed.

What makes you immediately question someone’s intelligence?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts…

1. Not cool.

“”I know more than you about this thing I just learnt about 5 minutes ago.”

Nothing worst than dumbasses who spout complete BS with confidence, and completely ignore people who try to correct them.”

2. A big one.

“A complete lack of curiosity.

I know someone who bought a smartphone recently. She uses it to make voice calls, play Candy Crush, and watch Youtube videos. I tried to tell her about the Google Translate app so she could read the Chinese and Russian/Ukrainian signs at several local stores.

Before I could finish the sentence she said “I don’t want to know how to do that.” It’s like her brain is made of ROM chips.”

3. Passive income.

“I had a friend that was always talking about his plans to become successful.

He would say “first I’ll get a passive income” and then I can work on a job I am passionate about. And always ended up falling for pyramid scheme because he just Googles “how to make passive income”.

Some people just don’t understand that if making money is that easy everyone would be doing it.”

4. Dummies.

“When an ‘argument’ involves nothing but insults, a desire to hurt the other person, and an inability to actually listen to what the other person is saying.”

5. See it all the time.

“When you prove your point in a discussion and the other person explains that it doesn’t even matter because their REAL point is something that’s an off-shoot of that subject in a “gotcha!” manner.”

6. Shut up!

“People who can only argue by raising their voice.


7. Snobs.

“Being snobbish about TV or video games.

They’re all different mediums; sometimes used brilliantly, thoughtfully, provocatively, etc., sometimes used for pure popcorn entertainment goodness.

And if people want the latter sometimes, let them find some joy in this stupid, hostile world.”

8. They don’t listen.

“They act like they are listening to your detailed story and then say ‘ well anyway’ and start talking about something completely off topic.”

9. The worst.

“When they repeat a certain statement word for word I get the impression that they memorized something to sound more intelligent than they are.”

10. Dreaded MLMs.

“When people are really into a MLM scheme.

I’m not taking about “I’m a bored house wife so I decided to start selling makeup, leggings, whatever it may be, because I’m bored and this gives me something to do.”

I’m talking about the people who consider it their career and are huge into the Boss Babe lifestyle.”

11. You’re disproven!

“Your information makes them uncomfortable.

Especially if it completely disproves their beliefs.”

12. No reasoning.

“The unwillingness to challenge one’s perception of a subject that’s the issue.

Dumb people will stand on their little hills without a shred of reasoning.”

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