People Share What They Still Would Never Buy Even if They Had a Billion Dollars

The things that some people with a lot of money choose to buy blow my mind.

Gold-plated toilet paper rolls?

Okay, if you say so…

Check out what people on AskReddit would still never buy even if they had ONE BILLION DOLLARS.

1. Above the law.

“I’m immediately canceling my auto insurance. Might be illegal, but now I’m above the law. Good riddance.

Any time I’ve ever been hit by an uninsured driver, the law never did anything about it anyway.”

2. Not gonna do it.

“Apple products. That’s a hill I’m gonna d** on.

I respect Iphone users but I’m not buying an iPhone to use as my primary phone even if I was held at g**point.”

3. Yes, it does.

“Bottled water.

It comes out of the f**king tap.”

4. A good idea?

“A million dollar home.

Taxes alone would clean my bank out by the time I d**.

I want generational wealth not new money depression.”

5. I said no!

“Food inside of a theme park.

I am not paying 20 dollars for a churro.

I don’t care how much money you give me.”

6. Avoid at all costs.

“I’d try my best to avoid buying Chinese products.

If I have the disposable income, paying more for a product that keeps money in my country would be much more important to me.

Not to mention human rights a**ses and whatnot.”

7. Not feeling it.

“Liberty insurance and their terrible, unrelenting commercials.

Also, Flo and her terrible, unrelenting commercials.”

8. Whoa!

“A Green Bay Packers jersey.

My normal toilet paper is much cheaper and works just fine.”

9. Won’t make that mistake again.

“Video game currency, or video game clothes.

I will never again use real money to buy fake money.”

10. Not a fan of commercials.

“Cable television!!!

I refuse to pay money to watch commercials.

Advertisers should pay me to watch their ads, not the other way around!”

11. Got it all figured out.

“Crypto, hookers, private plane, drugs, club space (VIP sections), etc.

I’d actually keep less than half of that and give the rest away through charitable foundations. I’d just run them and pay myself like $100k per year.”

12. Done with them.

“A multitude of subscription services. There’s so many that violate my moral code and being a billionaire will not change that.

Netflix, Disney, YouTube and Amazon shan’t receive a single penny from my pocket and I will d** on that hill.”

13. Why not?

“A little contradictory to the question being asked but I would purchase Nestle as a whole simply to disband it so no one would have to refuse it again.”

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