People Share What They Think Are the Silliest Controversies of the Last Ten Years

Don’t you just love manufactured controversies?

Ones that have absolutely no impact on your life but are totally blown out of proportion?

I’m being sarcastic, by the way, ladies and gents…

Let’s hear from folks on AskReddit about what they think are the silliest controversies of the last ten years.

Come on, people!

“Flat Earthers.

My dad had a coworker like that. They were both experienced engineers, dude had quality education, it was bizarre he’d believe something like that, and not only that he kept bothering my father to watch videos about it and discuss it during work hours.

Eventually dad had enough and said he had no interest in any of that, dude was offended, he stopped the bs but would make snark comments here and there. It was kinda surreal meeting one.”

Really messed up.

“The Sandy Hook massacre being staged.

That one was just cruel.

One of my best friends was one of the first troopers to get to the school when it happened.

Poor guy still can’t even be in the same room if someone brings it up”

Sure it is…

“I have a good friend who is a very intelligent process engineer for 3M but for some reason he’s on the “the earth is only 2,000 years old” or something like that.

So strange.”


“Changing the shoes of an animated M&M.

Who cares what it’s wearing? It’s an advertisement for candy.

The people who got bent out of shape about it are weird.”


“The QAnon one (yes, there are many to choose from) where JFK, Jr. was really alive (or was coming back from the d**d?) to somehow crown Trump president.

I’m pretty sure QAnon was at least in part just some really epic trolling.”

Get a life.

“Jade Helm.

The idea that Obama was going to invade, conquer and occupy Texas like it was France and turn it into part of his own personal empire, and do it with just 1,200 troops.”

Which one is it?

“The fact no one can make up their mind about eggs.

One year, it’s the egg white that’s bad. Another year, it’s the yolk that’s bad but the egg white is good. Then the next year, it’s no everything about the egg is bad, so cook it a specific way to make it healthier.

I just want everyone to make up their minds and let me eat my eggs in peace!!”

How dare he?!?!

“Obama eating spicy mustard.

Even if it WAS Grey Poupon, how much of a white trash, trailer living, dirt farming, single brain celled hick do you need to be to think eating that is out of touch with the American people?”


“I love the 9/11 theories that fly right past any even slightly plausible conspiracies and decide that the towers weren’t even real.”



It used to be normal to lose at least some of your kids to childhood illnesses, and vaccines changed all that. It’s one of the best things science has ever done for humanity.

Now we have people that won’t get shots for themselves or their kids, and measles outbreaks are getting more common.”

None of it is real!

“Birds aren’t real, Australia isn’t real, Covid isn’t real, vaccines causes autism…the list is quite large…”


“A truly dumb controversy should be both over nothing and ultimately inconsequential.

My vote goes to Steve Harvey reading the wrong name for the Miss Universe winner back in 2015.”

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