People Share What They Think Are the Worst Trends of the 2010s

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How do you think the 2010s will be remembered? Politics? Pop culture? Weird and bizarre trends?

AskReddit users weighed in with what think the most regrettable trends of the past decade are.

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1. I guess they were kinda dumb…

“_______ challenge”

99% were just horrible for your health. Things like the cinnamon challenge. The worst I saw it get was someone tried to start the ‘Fire Extinguisher Challenge’. The guy put the nozzle in his mouth and hit the lever. No matter what extinguisher you’re using, this is incredibly stupid. What’s worse though, is he picked a Dry Chemical extinguisher. The second he hit that lever, he blasted a lifetimes worth of micro particulate into his lungs. His lungs are absolutely, unequivocally, well and truly fucked.”

2. Probably not a great idea.

“I have a feeling a lot of people who got huge ass fat transfer procedures to look like a Kardashian are going to regret them in the coming decade.”

3. Some people do…

“Y’all remember Google+?”

4. Amen!

“Gender reveal parties. Not the ‘normal’ quiet events woth family but the driving need to get more and more extreme with every passing year. I’ve seen parks ruined, beaches littered and all for something as basic as the gender of your unborn child? Spreading blue glitter everywhere doesn’t somehow make the child more special than just saying “it’s going to be a boy”. They’re already special; they’re your child!”

5. Not a fan.

“Just all the family YouTube channels in general.”

6. A very strange phenomenon.

“Social media influencers. Making tons of money and reaching fame by becoming a “brand ambassador” for bogus skin products never really made sense to me. Modeling is a profession of its own, but not everyone can or should do it. Instagram has made us believe that many of these influencers have perfect lives, and the inadequacy people feel when scrolling through their feed is extremely unhealthy for society.

Becoming an influencer should never have been what social media was for. Connecting with friends has now turned into admiring strangers from afar, leading many of us to feel lonelier than ever.”

7. Reboots galore.

“Rebooting everything for the sake of nostalgia instead of coming up with new ideas.”

8. Let’s start with two things…

“Wealth worship. The Kardashians are an obvious example with Kylie Jenner’s billionaire status. Also, high surveillance. Amazon’s Echo and the like being bought and placed in homes, willingly.”

9. All of these.

“The rise of irresponsible journalism. The drop in civility. The drop in responsible use of social media.”

10. This is really bad right now.

“Anti-intellectualism – refusing to believe experts in their field over some crazy person on the internet. I think it got worse this decade and I hope we leave it here.”

11. Let’s stick with the facts.

“The death of legitimate journalism. Replacing in with sound bytes, partisan hacks, fake news and networks in such a rush to report ANYTHING that they don’t bother to fact check.”

12. Let’s leave it behind.


13. Does everyone need a voice?

“Social Media making everyone feel like they need to be heard. It’s one of the main reasons why stuff like anti-vaxxers, MLMs, Nazis, cancel culture, flat-earthers, etc. exists. Misinformation is just spread like a disease within echo chambers like that.”

14. Here, here!

“The online troll culture. It’s easy to be negative and critical. It takes maturity to have a dialogue.”

15. Find the middle ground.

“Tribalism. Us vs Them. Without middle ground. Without even attempting to find common ground.”