People Share What They Think Is Cool Now, but Won’t Be in 5 Years

Things come and go in a hurry.

Trends of all kinds are here one day and then gone tomorrow…some of that is good and some is bad.

But it’s just the way it is…

What’s cool now but won’t be in five years?

Here’s how AskReddit users responded.

1. Tired of them yet?

“Zoom calls.

I don’t wanna go back to the office, but I can’t take five more years of these.”

2. I’m sure you’re right.

“Current plastic surgery trends to meet the current IG standards.

I fear for a lot of people who have had BBLs and facial surgery that the look will become outdated and permanently associated with late 2010’s and early 2020’s, kind of how like there are plastic surgery trends associated with the 90s/2000s.”

3. No more, please.

“Hopefully these insincere, corporate emails that we keep receiving, reassuring us of their response to every single political event that occurs.”

4. Fashion.

“Half the fashion trends going on right now.

I just see all these celebrities with super long nails, giant sunglasses, and outfits with really weird patterns, fabrics, and cut-outs, and I know that one day we will look back on them and say “how did anyone ever think that looked good?”…

And then those trends will be back in style in 2040, mark my words. We look back on the 2000s and say “wow, low rise jeans? Gross!” But they’re on their way back into style. Just you wait. Rule of 20. Soon everyone will have their thongs peaking out of their pants again, I promise you.”

5. What are you trying to say?

“That brand of twitter user that overuses “scholarly” language to make really simple and vague statements.”

6. Had its time.


Nothing personal against it, just think that 5 years is a good timespan for it to wither down considerably.”

7. Over the top.

“In the UK, Incessant advertising for gambling. It is disgusting to me that almost half of adverts on TV and online are for this putrid activity.

It should be seen in the same way as smoking or drinking and not normalized.

Imagine having an addiction to something and seeing it everywhere you go, not cool at all, hopefully those in charge will pull their heads out their bums and change this as I am sick of it.”

8. So weird.

“Mental illness being hip.

At school, people think having depression or anxiety is “cool” and “aesthetic. ”

They also move MY stuff, eg pens, and then say they have OCD.

They have absolutely NO knowledge of what these words even mean.

Its very strange.”

9. Getting bored…


Given that the content keeps merely developing and other providers creating their own platforms.

I already feel often bored zapping through the program.”

10. They’re hot right now!

“The rare plant frenzy that’s blown up in the last year.

I guarantee you in 5 years, the people who went crazy paying over $500 for a plant cutting to have some unattainable item, will end up selling them or giving them away or throwing them away when the trend is over.”

11. The end of college?

“College. I’m fully expecting college as it stands now to collapse at some point.

It’s barely doing anything for my generation beyond heaping us with debt, and it’s bound to be even more of a money pit with time if something doesn’t change in the job pipeline.”

12. Haha. This is good.

“Jeans that look like Wolverine and Edward Scissorhands had a quickie on them.

What do you think won’t be cool five years from now?

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